Saturday, November 24, 2012

Updates 11/24/12

Hello everyone. 

I seem to be coming down with something, and slept in a bit today to give myself a little boost. Hopefully it helps. 

-- On Thanksgiving, Occupy Sandy fed dinners to over 10,000 people. That's an amazing feat, and one sorely needed. This article, while it is a bit sad, will also lift your spirits.

-- [Chuck] The Trans-Pacific Partnership is the largest free trade agreement in the world, incorporating 11 countries and over 600 corporations. What does that say about corporate governance?

-- [Chuck] We hear about climate change so often that most people disregard it, even if they believe it to be dangerous. This man, however, sees it first-hand, and reminds us that we need to not only remember, but act as well. 

-- [Chuck] The ceasefire in Israel and Gaza is a good thing, and many lives are being saved. However, this plan comes with a price. A literal price, as President Obama has pledged to send Israel even more money for defense. There is plenty more missing from the ceasefire agreement as well.

-- [Chuck] Wal-Mart had over 1,000 strikes in 46 states, said organizers, making this Black Friday the largest strike against the largest company. Wal-Mart attempted to say that only 50 workers were striking around the country, blatantly lying about the numbers.


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