Friday, November 30, 2012

Updates 11/30/12

Hello everyone.

There is just so much going on for me right now. I had another doctor's appointment yesterday, then class, and on top of all of the papers I need to write, I'm sick. So this is terrible. I may miss days a little more often for the next week or so.

Wish me luck.

We have a LOT of stuff today, so it's mostly links. 

-- [Chuck] Whistleblower Bradley Manning spoke for the first time at his trial the other day, remembering that he thought he would die in prison.

-- [Chuck] Occupy Sandy is still going strong, but Occupiers aren't giving up their original fight either. 

-- Susan Rice is a candidate for the next Secretary of State, but it has come to light that she may have a bit of clouded judgment in the form of hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in tar sands oil.

-- [Chuck] A White House petition to label GMO foods needs 7,000 more signatures to pass. Go sign it! 

-- [Chuck] Your health is important, but taking care of yourself can be difficult if everyone you trust has a vested interest in other issues. The movie "Food Matters" addresses this issue, and is free to watch online for today only.

-- [Chuck] Do fast food workers need a union? They believe so, and so do I. Check out this article concerning their push for unionization and a petition to allow it.

-- A man involved in a protest with Occupy was arrested after he climbed a stop light post and dangled from it. 


Let's pan out a bit and look internationally.

-- In Myanmar, protesters are in the hospital after the camps they were occupying (in a copper mine) were attacked by police, who threw incendiary devices inside. 

-- The Philippines are alive with protest, as thousands of demonstrators protest against the US outside of the American Embassy.

-- The movie Red Dawn is getting its fair share of backlash as the Friends of North Korea protest the film in New York. While many of the protesters are considered to be pawns of the North Korean government propaganda machine, the movie has gotten plenty of panning from other sources, with critics calling it racist and insultingly bad.

-- Be on the lookout for mass protests coming next month in Russia. News sources are confirming that several groups are planning to hit the streets.


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