Friday, November 2, 2012

Updates 11/2/12

Hello everyone.

The corporate media is doing that thing again where they make you wonder if you've been caught in some sort of time vortex. They're just repeating the same stories over and over, without adding any new information. When they get like this, finding pertinent information can be a frustrating task. Let's get to it!

-- Here's a great piece by Truthout offering a nationwide perspective on what's going on and where. Tidbits include the lawsuits over pipelines and Green Party Candidate Jill Stein being arrested for trying to bring Keystone protesters food and Halloween candy, Walmart feeling the pressure from strikers, police taking over a house for a bank, millions of residents making do without power in New Jersey thanks to Sandy, and of course, obligatory Obama vs. Romney information. Check it out; there is a veritable ton of info in here.

-- [Chuck] From a site we don't normally see here,, we gain information about the Mayor of NYC and his terrible treatment of Staten Island three days after Sandy hit. The annual New York City Marathon is this weekend, and Bloomberg has diverted resources from the devastated Staten Island to the race. The people of Staten Island are crying out for help, as almost 20 people were killed there, yet they are being ignored in favor of the Marathon, which is getting food and generators. (What is he thinking?!)

-- The people of Staten Island aren't the only ones upset about the marathon. One of the runners has decided to take the bus to the starting point of the race, located on Staten Island, of course, and ditch the race to gather supplies and help the people. She has offered for others to join her. Another group of runners has come up with the same idea. Many will be showing up to start the race, but instead of running a marathon, they will be running to help others in the area.

-- [Chuck] Want to see news that the US Corporate Media branches won't show you? Check out Al-Jazeera (pronounced "all juh-zear-uh") English. You can find tons of information there that you won't find on our typical acronyms here.

-- [Chuck] While much of NYC remains in the dark, the Goldman Sachs building in Manhattan is illuminated from floor to ceiling. Here, two authors provide their experiences with helping and relief efforts in the city. One, located in Manhattan, is still in the dark, and offers up a letter to the CEO of Goldman Sachs. The other is from Williamsburg, which wasn't too hard hit, but she has been helping out in the city and provides an inside view of what's going on there.

-- In 2004, mass arrests of demonstrators occurred at the RNC in New York City. Finally, eight years after the event, a federal judge has ruled the arrests unconstitutional. While the judge dismissed the idea that the arrests violated First Amendment rights, he did rule that the arrests violated the Fourth Amendment Probable Cause requirements. In the ruling, he wrote, "The Fourth Amendment does not recognize guilt by association." This ruling could result in fines for the city.

-- The bicycles used to bring power to Occupiers in the NYC park last year are being put to good use again, this time using the bike generators to power pumps to remove water from buildings. The Occupiers first pumped their own basement so they could retrieve the bikes, and are now using them to help other people and businesses in the neighborhood. (This makes me smile.)


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