Saturday, November 17, 2012

Updates 11/17/12

Hello everyone.

I'm ready for this semester to be over. I've been continuously sick, injured and trying to catch up with everything, and I'm pretty sure I'm close to a mental break. Maybe this was not the best time to quit smoking.

-- [Chuck] Whether you believe you know everything happening in Israel and Gaza right now or not, you should take a look at this video. It may make you angry, sad, or hateful, but it will make you feel something. It is important to remember that no matter how much you hate the other side, they are still human.

-- [Chuck] Patriot Coal has decided to stop mountaintop removal coal mining, as the company reaches an agreement with three environmental groups that had sued the company. Patriot is currently undergoing Chapter 11 proceedings. Many retired employees are worried they will lose pensions and benefits.

-- [Chuck] Prop 37 lost in California, denying us the right to know what was in our food. What we do have the right to know, however, is which companies wanted to make sure we did't know what was in their food. EcoWatch is encouraging all to boycott these companies, and provides a pretty thorough list and infographic of which ones to avoid.

-- [Chuck] Carbondale has joined several other cities in Illinois as the largest city to unanimously support a statewide fracking moratorium. Several groups came out in support of the moratorium in the city, including the Sierra Club, SAFE, Environment Illinois, and of course, several members of Occupy Carbondale were in attendance.

-- In Indianapolis, the explosion that destroyed homes and killed two people is still listed as "cause unknown." While officials are looking at it in the realm of a natural gas explosion, some conspiracy theorists aren't so sure. Many believe that hydrofracking may be the reason behind the explosions in Michigan and Indianapolis, as well as higher radiation levels. The link that follows is only to a story about the natural gas cause. If you want to find the conspiracy info on fracking, you'll need to search for that yourself. 

-- Occupy the Farm has no crops left, as news comes out of UC Berkeley that all crops in the Gill Tract have been disked under (meaning that they have been chopped up and mixed with the newly broken in soil for easier planting in the future.) Occupiers had recently broken into the tract again and planted some 2,000 winter crops, all of which have now been destroyed according to UC Berkeley's spokesperson.

-- The NYPD is trying to figure out how two fake barriers, very similar to the ones used previously during Occupy protests, ended up in the hallway of the 13th floor, outside the office of the Chief. No one has claimed responsibility for placing the concrete-looking barriers there, but some are saying it is an attempt at wry humor, due to the one year anniversary of several rougher protests. The artists who originally made the barriers for Occupy have no idea how they got there, and the barriers have since disappeared.


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