Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Updates 11/14/12

Hello everyone.

Chuck has sent in plenty of news for us today, so I'll be keeping the descriptions short to save on time.

-- [Chuck] Let's start off with two feel-good videos. Both are rather short "Making A Difference" clips from the Nightly News with Brian Williams. The first link is about Occupy, and the second is about the veterans, both groups helping with Hurricane Sandy relief.

-- [Chuck] In Europe, anti-austerity movements are sweeping the continent, and now the EU is facing something they are not happy about: a multi-national general strike. People in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, and several other countries are sending the message that they don't want austerity.

-- [Chuck] While France isn't officially on strike, here's an image that we won't likely see anytime in the future here in the US. Firefighters on strike block a tram by lying in front of it.

-- [Chuck] Have you been wondering why European people are so fiercely against austerity? Here, a panel discussion between European workers' representatives explain the reasons behind the massive strikes. It's a very informative look beyond what the news usually tells you.

-- Here's a very short piece about a strike in Bursa. Metal workers have been protesting at a car factory there, due to labor agreement issues. Workers walked off the job after they turned down yet another poor offer from the Turkish Metal Workers Union, and workers from a nearby factory (also experiencing similar issues) attempted to join them, only to be attacked by members of the Union, with one person sustaining serious injuries. 

-- [Chuck] Most people understand that climate change is real, and not something that should be taken lightly. Al Gore is one of those people, and he is now urging the President to use his second term to work on our environmental issues, asking for a carbon tax to be implemented. 

-- Six Occupiers were arrested in Los Angeles after they blocked traffic while protesting the illegal foreclosure actions of the Century City Deutsche Bank. They were charged with failure to disperse after officers told them to. 


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