Sunday, November 25, 2012

Updates 11/25/12

Hello everyone. 

For us AHOccs (At Home Occupiers), it can be quite frustrating to watch protests go on while we sit in the background. It's important to remember that our support goes a long way, and that support comes in many forms. 

So let's talk about a few of the protests going on recently.

-- [Chuck] We are already well-aware of the Wal-Mart workers' plights, but did you know that Occupiers came out in droves to support the striking (and non-striking) workers? This link has video and photos of mic checks, protests, and supporters inside and outside the stores.

-- In Egypt, unrest is becoming heavy again, but no revolution has occurred yet. The Egyptian people believe the new President has made grabs for power that are undemocratic, and they want it to stop. President Morsi is standing his ground against the judges and youth that are against him, believing he has numbers on his side.

-- Ireland is preparing to reveal more cuts to spending as austerity techniques take over in the government, and the people are not happy about the choice. The country has roughly 4.6 billion people and will be cutting 4.5 billion dollars out of the budget. Protesters have been hitting the streets to let them know they don't want this.

-- [Chuck] Lastly, here's a little ditty for all you protesters out there, for all you protectors of human rights. It's actually quite beautiful, and hits the heart pretty well. Have a listen. 


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