Thursday, November 15, 2012

Updates 11/15/12

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I'm working on quitting smoking, so the news is a little short today. Wish me luck.

-- [Chuck] Walmart is encroaching even more into Thanksgiving, forcing their employees to leave their families and get to work. Working the day is "mandatory," meaning that it can not be requested off by anyone, regardless of the reason, and calling in for any reason could find you fired. These people have families and children that they are being forced to leave in order to serve the masses who want a cheap tv. Here's a petition asking Walmart to stop encroaching in on Thanksgiving Day, and give it back to the families.

-- Continuing with the discussion on Walmart, it may anger some people to hear that Walmart is once again raising the costs and restricting the use of the health care provided by the company. This comes after major hikes from last year as well. Many employees will have to opt out of coverage for themselves and their families, as having it has gotten too expensive for them to afford.

-- [Chuck] Some people had a hard time believing that yesterday's protests in Europe really were throughout Europe. Here's an image to help you understand where the protests actually were.

-- As many of you have heard, there are at least 18 states filing for secession from the US. The truth is that it is not the states filing, rather a number of people within the states. Texas currently has the most people wanting to secede, (which is funny since Texas is the one state technically not even allowed to secede) but other petitions are starting to spring up concerning the matter. Some ask that the President ignore all secession requests, some ask that each seceding state pay their portion of the debt before leaving, others ask that each person who signs a secession petition have their citizenship revoked. 

-- [Chuck] Want more Occupy news and articles? Check out the Occupy News Network.


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