Saturday, November 3, 2012

Updates 11/3/12

Hello everyone.

Wouldn't it be amazing if a CEO decided to only take an hourly wage that matched that of their lowest paid employee? I'm pretty sure that would have a strong impact on their choices in business.   

Moving on.

-- [Chuck] The Mayor of NYC has decided to cancel the New York City Marathon, after thousands of complaints from both residents and runners alike. Now that it's done, take a look at what some people are planning to do to help in the first link. In the second, there are images of Staten Island where the marathon was set to begin, explaining why the race was called off.

-- Also concerning the marathon in NYC, here's a group of people that are extremely pissed off that the race has been called off. Some of them have legitimate upsets. Others, not so much. 

-- [Chuck] Here's a nice little reminder for us from Chuck. Don't forget!

-- In Portland, Occupiers and other protesters will be hitting the streets today to fight back against austerity measures. The march, called "Solidarity Against Austerity" is meant to argue that austerity measures harm the poor while letting the rich off the hook. Several organizations are backing the rally.

-- On Halloween, the Canadian government passed a ironic law, banning people from wearing masks while protesting. The move is meant to curb displays of violence during protests, but many feel it just restricts freedoms even more, and won't help to get rid of violent action. Some party leaders wonder where the ban will stop. They ask if a woman in a burqa is considered to be wearing a mask, or if people can still wear masks when it is freezing out.


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