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Updates 11/4/12

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My computer has been running super slowly lately, to the point that I thought something was seriously wrong with it. It turns out that my virus protection just went into overdrive, and I had to reset it again. 


- [Chuck] The recovery from Sandy is still going on, and so is the news. Check out these stories, all sent in by Chuck, that remind us how bad the storm was and how resilient people can be.

   -- Some of the Marathoners in NYC are taking heart in the cancellation of the race so they can run for a different reason. Around 500 runners will be carrying supplies and bringing hope to Staten Island. They will only be running about 15 miles instead of the usual marathon length of 26.2 miles, but with heavy backpacks, it may prove to be more of a challenge. 

   -- Here's a petition to Big Oil to get their butts in gear to help the people of New York and New Jersey. People have been standing in lines for hours to get fuel, and in many cases, gas stations have no generators so they aren't open at all. This petition calls for the Big Oil companies to step in and provide free fuel, generators for gas stations, and just overall help to those who need it.

   -- For those people who did not evacuate before Sandy hit, this has been a trying time, to say the least. This article provides an inside look at what it was like for those who stayed behind.

   -- Here is an amazing yet harrowing story of survival from a young man who truly believed he wouldn't make it through the storm. After being swept out of his home by the rising waters, he swam until he reached an evacuated beach house. Breaking in, he found that the homeowner had left blankets and jackets out on the couch. Huddled for warmth and believing he would soon die, he scribbled a note in the dark to the homeowner, asking forgiveness for breaking in and if they would please call his father and tell him he loves him. Amazingly, the young man did survive, and you can listen to him tell his tale at this link.

-- [Chuck] Tomorrow is the fifth of November... Remember, Remember... but tomorrow is also a Move Your Money day! At this link, gives you instructions on how you can get your money out of the shadow governments (aka the financial institutions known as Banks.) They also tell you what to watch out for when doing so, as some banks or outside companies may charge you extra fees or cause issues when you change.

-- Four of the No Dash for Gas activists have been arrested when they climbed down from the chimney they were Occupying. This comes after seven activists had earlier climbed down and been arrested the day before. These people are not giving up, but rather leaving extra supplies for the six who plan to remain 300 ft in the air as long as possible. 

-- The anti-austerity march in Portland yesterday turned violent as police turned pepper-spray on protesters who were blocked from marching. Some of the protesters attempted to push through the police line, leading to one arrest and pepper spray being unleashed on dozens of people in the crowd. One activist noted that it seemed police seemed to be targeting protesters who were carrying signs. 

-- America is proud to call itself the Land of the Free, but how free are we, really? In this article, the human rights conditions here in the States are examined for what they really are, using factual data rather than emotional charge. China, annoyed at the US for ignoring their own human rights violations while decrying others, released their own report on the US. What did they say? Look here.


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