Thursday, November 8, 2012

Updates 11/8/12

Hello everyone.

I have to be quick today. I have two back to back doctor's appointments (again,) then class after. Thanks to Chuck for today's entries.

-- [Chuck] The Red Cross is facing some serious controversy after a documentary accused the charity of misusing funds. Even though billions of dollars have been donated to help Haiti and other disaster-strewn areas, it seems that most of that money has not been used the way donors thought it would. 

-- [Chuck] Do you want Citizens United gone? So does this group. MoveToAmend has a petition available, as well as ways you can get involved with getting rid of this corporate bully tactic.

-- [Chuck] A major earthquake has hit Guatemala, killing dozens and leaving hundreds more missing, injured, and homeless. There are reports of collapsed schools and buildings, and a tsunami alert.

-- [Chuck] In a disgusting display of insensitivity, lobbyists and lawyers have taken to blaming the victims of Sandy for the slow recovery, saying that if they would embrace big box stores like Walmart, allow public works projects to be done by private entities, and be less pro-union, things would get better faster. To read more about these people and what they think, follow the link.


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