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Updates 4/21/12

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 On to the news:

-- A number of Occupiers were arrested in New York yesterday as they were lying on the sidewalk in order to draw attention to the latest comments from police commanders. While the law does allow protesters to lie on the sidewalk, the commanders have tried to say people were not allowed to do so. Seven or eight Occupiers were arrested for blocking the sidewalk. Another man was arrested after police walking behind him pushed him, causing him to stumble into police in front of him.

 -- Also in New York, a new official map has been released, showing a "1st Amendment Right's Area," where people can legally protest. Check this out.

 -- NBC News is reporting that on May 1st, Occupiers plan to take and shut down the Golden Gate Bridge as part of a day-long list of events. Occupiers have many other rallies planned for the day. May 1st is all about labor, and this take-over would actually be involved with that. The Golden Gate Labor Coalition has already marched previously as a result of reduced benefits for union members.

-- A march and rally are planned today with Occupy Harlem to protest racial profiling, racist killings, and stop-and-frisk. Several groups are joining Occupy Harlem in demanding solid records of Blacks killed by police, security guards, and "peacekeepers." The are also calling for the government to institute a "National Plan of Action for Racial Justice." Read more here:

-- The leaders of Wells Fargo are not too happy with Occupiers who plan to protest their annual meeting in San Francisco. The meeting is April 24, and Occupiers have two days of protests planned around the event. Roughly 2,000 protesters are expected to be in attendance. Wells Fargo has tried to calm the mood by reminding Occupiers that they have performed over 700,000 loan modifications and over $4 billion dollars in principal forgiveness, but this is unlikely to quell the protests.


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