Sunday, April 8, 2012

Updates 4/8/12

Hello everyone!

Happy Easter, to all who celebrate it. I don't know of any other holidays that fall on today, but I'm sure there are some. If you celebrate them, Happy Holiday to you!

On to the (somewhat short) news.

-- A dozen Occupiers were arrested in Minneapolis last night as they refused to leave two different locations: Peavey Plaza and Loring Park. Police actually made the arrests at Nicollet Mall. Occupiers marched through the streets with a heavy police protest that evening, at one point obstructing traffic. All twelve have been released on bail.

-- Two Occupy Iowa protesters were found guilty of trespassing at the Iowa Capitol, and their attorney intends to appeal the convictions. It took the jury nine hours to convict, during which time they sent multiple notes to the judge declaring they were deadlocked. Their attorney claims this shows the jury obviously had reasonable doubt.

-- Even the news outside of the United States is picking up on the racial tensions building here. According to Prensa Latina News, ex-police officer Howard Morgan's sentence is just the latest case to cause a string of outrage. They also mention Rekia Boyd, a young Chicago woman gunned down by an off-duty detective while she was hanging out with friends. Rekia's story starts out with her standing with a group of friends, chatting, when they are approached by the detective. A verbal altercation took place, in which the detective claimed her friend had a gun, so he began to shoot. Rekia was shot in the back of the head as she ran from the hail of bullets, and died roughly 24 hours later. No gun was ever found, and the friend who supposedly had one says that he was actually talking on a cell phone when the detective began shooting. Witnesses say the detective lives in the area, and some believe him to have been intoxicated when the event occurred. Her family has filed suit.

So sad.


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Also, I haven't heard from Ted in a little while, so I just wanted to say: I hope you are doing well, my friend.

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