Sunday, April 15, 2012

Updates 4/15/12

Hello everyone.

A huge congratulations to my good friends Rob and Shaun! In front of over 500 people at the GA in Central Park yesterday, Rob proposed to his now-fiancee Shaun. I am so happy for you two! You can actually watch the proposal here (start at roughly 3:40)

On to the news for today!

-- Police shut down Sixth Street in NYC after they got calls complaining of someone throwing bottles across the street. (I can't even describe the insanity of the police in this one. Click the link to read what they did to people attending a party at a community center, and the neighbor's account of why what police did is wrong.)

-- The inequality in India is causing young people to lose their lives at their own hands. For the second time in a few weeks, a young student has taken his own life after he was told he would not be receiving the results of his examinations. The young man's father could not afford to pay his school fees, so the results were withheld. After being taunted by other students who said he probably failed, the 13 year old boy went home and hanged himself.

-- Occupy Rockford was evicted just hours after they set up their new Occupation. The group had set up on private property, said the police, and did not have permission to stay. Police removed tents and signs from the area, as protesters chanted against the removal. Police were in riot gear, and offered no explanation to Occupiers until later. There were no recorded arrests.

-- A Labour Party conference in Ireland got a little out of control yesterday as different protest groups banned together to fight back. The protest was largely peaceful, but small parts of the group turned violent and began to clash with security. Read here to get a bigger piece of the story:


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