Monday, April 16, 2012

Updates 4/16/12

Hello everyone.

The news is both early and short today. I have to be at a research forum by 8 a.m., which doesn't leave me much time for anything else.

Here we go:

-- Continuing the story about the two men arrested by the NYPD yesterday (I posted a link to the description because it was a bit crazy), police are now claiming that the two men who were arrested were earlier involved in a violent riot-type action with Occupiers. The two allegedly tried to smash in windows at a Starbucks with a large pipe while patrons hid under the tables inside. An officer was also allegedly injured in this attack, but it is not mentioned how severely. Another officer apparently recognized the two upon his arrival to check for the "bottle-throwers." Both men were charged with assault and inciting a riot.

-- Occupy Portland gathered in Richland yesterday to protest the Hanford Nuclear Power Plant. Their messages included lashing out against nuclear war, waste, and energy. One man who works at the plant stopped his car on the highway to have a conversation with the Occupiers, who were dressed in contamination gear. He told them he appreciates the care they show for the environment, but said some of their facts are inaccurate. Some protesters performed street theater, and a co-founder of the Warrior Society of the American Indian Movement spoke, asking for the corporation to clean up its act.

-- Occupy Youngstown teamed up with Frackfree Mahoning Valley to protest the Trumbull County residents signing a contract with BP. The contracts are gas-exploration leases. Three of the environmental protesters were arrested. The first was arrested as they attempted to enter the room where contracts were being signed. Two more were detained after they entered the building and pulled fire alarms.

-- Police in San Francisco are asking that owners of vacant buildings take steps to prevent protesters from Occupying their buildings. In light of May 1st rapidly approaching, police say they are concerned that more building takeovers may occur. They are asking that the owners take preventative steps in boarding up buildings, adding fences, and covering the vacant properties in any way possible.


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