Friday, April 6, 2012

Updates 4/6/12

Hello everyone.

I have a busy day ahead of me here. Probably too much to get done in one day, but I've got to at least give it a go, right?

Here's the news.

-- The mayor of Louisville has ordered Occupiers to vacate the park they have been Occupying by April 13. The newly set date comes after Occupiers filed for a permit to remain, which the mayor denied. The mayor's spokesperson said the encampment has basically become a "homeless camp." There is pending litigation in this case, and their lawyer says it is up to Occupiers to decide if they want to press on in the matter.

-- Roughly 400 students at UC Davis rallied on Thursday afternoon to protest the upcoming court date of what they are calling the "Banker's Dozen." The twelve students is question are facing multiple charges stemming from the shuttering and eventual closure of a US Bank on campus. Students feel as though the school has stepped aside to let the state handle the protesters because of bad PR, and to allow the continued blockade on free speech. The 12 are each charged with conspiracy and access allegations. The conspiracy charge itself has a maximum jail sentence of a year, and each of the access allegations six months.

-- Several members of Occupy Portland hit the streets on Thursday to hand out fliers concerning an upcoming rally in Hanford. The Occupiers, three men and eight women, went topless with radiation symbols on their bodies. The rally will be at the Hanford nuclear reservation on April 15th, and will address growing concerns surrounding the need for cleanup, transparency, and increased funding.

-- The Chicago man accused of attempting to shoot 4 police officers before being shot 28 times has been sentenced to 40 years in prison. Read the article for the full story.

-- This article by Naomi Wolf offers insight into the American Criminal Justice System, and how our rights and freedoms are slowly dwindling. It pays particular attention to how sexual humiliation is being used to control the population, including the recent ruling by the US Supreme Court, which allows strip searches after any arrest, no matter how minor the offense.


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