Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Updates 4/17/12

Hello everyone.

As of 7 this morning, I've already gotten up, dressed, walked the dog, fed the cats, bathed the dog, and gotten packed up for school. I stood in high heels for 5 hours yesterday at that research forum. It feels like my knees fell off. So, we're doing a link day.


-- Some hefty charges are coming up against Occupiers who attempted to block the entrance to the NYSE yesterday.


-- Occupiers in the Bronx were arrested for singing. They tried to disrupt a foreclosure auction.


-- I believe this is a different story from the first one. Despite a judge's ruling saying that protesters could remain on the sidewalk, police forced Occupiers to stand and arrested some who they claimed "resisted." This is a bit ridiculous.


-- Here's a blog post from The Nation offering five ways to support re-occupation. It's short, but makes a good argument.


-- Madison's City Council seems to be having a disagreement with the Mayor. The Mayor wants the Madison Occupation gone ASAP, while some of the Council want to allow it to stay.


-- Occupiers and other activists in Philly who bought tickets to a Romney event were denied entrance, and initially denied refunds as well. Read on to see how they got their money back, and why they have a right to be upset.


-- Truth-out provides an interesting take on Occupy and higher education in this article. It's an opinion piece asking why more students aren't involved, and giving plenty of ideas and comparisons.


-- Big Hollywood, aka Andrew Breitbart's pre-passing conservative baby, is accusing Occupiers of becoming violent by using Black Bloc tactics.


Thought I'd leave you with that last one. Don't read the comments on it unless you want to get really angry or depressed at some of the stupidity displayed.


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