Friday, April 20, 2012

Updates 4/20/12

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May Day is quickly approaching. Do you have anything planned?


-- Occupiers are being accused of training to "infiltrate" Tea Party and 9/12 groups at their training sessions. Glenn Beck says he has received multiple letters from 9/12 participants who attended the Occupy training sessions, warning him of the Occupiers' intent to cause havoc and disruption for the other groups. Beck sent out a message to anyone who might deal with an Occupy infiltrator, "it will be more important than ever for us to stick together and organize together, and be the opposite. You do not defeat hatred with hatred. You defeat hatred with love." (Nice sentiment, Glenn Beck. I'd actually love to see you use it for once. By the way, when you're talking about infiltrators, why don't you ask your 9/12-er how they got into a training session? Sure, they're open to the public, but I'm pretty sure your little letter-writer "infiltrated" their way in so they could tell you what was going on. What's that kettle? Why are you calling me black?)

-- UC Davis has a new police chief, as a direct result of the pepper spraying event with student Occupiers. After her leadership was questioned and criticized, the current chief, Annette Spicuzza, resigned to make way for Matthew Carmichael. He will be the chief for one year, while administrators look for a more permanent solution.

-- A protester accused of hitting a police officer with a metal chair and later resisting arrest is in court again. The jury is deliberating the case, in which prosecutors claim that Cameron Rose attacked a police officer with a metal chair while his back was turned, arresting another protester. The defense claims the arrest was entirely unlawful, and that Rose did not know he had a warrant out for his arrest.

-- Almost three dozen Occupiers were arrested on Thursday as hundreds of protesters worked to stop foreclosure proceedings in Brooklyn. Demonstrators sang and chanted, disrupting many of the proceedings. The 35 arrests are the most ever for a Brooklyn Occupy event, but organizers still called it a success.

-- Shareholders appear to be a little tired of allowing CEOs to get away with bad business practices while still making tons of cash. Citigroup shareholders may have started a trend when they resoundingly rejected the business' compensation plan. Read more to find out what's going on here, it's pretty interesting:

-- Irish Occupiers are nowhere near done fighting. An elderly couple has been evicted from their home, and Occupiers want something done to fix it.


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