Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Updates 4/10/12

Hello everyone.

One of my favorite teachers told me the other day that "Now is the time in the semester where everything that could happen, happens."


I fell yesterday walking on campus, and ended up twisting both my ankles in different directions. I didn't break anything, thank goodness, but I am ordered off my feet for 24 hours. I'm not supposed to stand or walk for more than 10 minutes at a time. So that means I'm not going into class today. I really don't know what to do with myself when it comes to these things. I'll be getting plenty of homework done today though, so I guess that's a positive way to look at it, right? Ha. At least my glasses survived their slide across the street.

Anyway, news:

-- Occupy Boston has temporarily moved. The group, assisted by police, traveled from the State House lawn to the Boston Common in order to allow security to be tightened. The reason for upping security detail? The President of Brazil is coming for a visit. The U.S Secret Service requested the move, and Occupiers peacefully complied. Occupiers will reportedly be allowed to return this afternoon.


-- Occupy Minneapolis was able to schedule a public meeting with the Mayor, but only after invading his office and refusing to leave. Although the office is open to the public during office hours, an aide told protesters they needed to leave or they would be arrested. One protester allegedly put a sticker on the surveillance camera. Finally, the situation was defused after a meeting was offered. The Occupiers are upset about the arrests that occurred over the weekend. Many say that they were pulled into the street before being arrested for obstructing traffic. A police officer allegedly said that an ambulance had been blocked, which was part of the reason for the arrests, but Occupiers say that incident had occurred much earlier, and they had immediately cleared the way.


-- A fight to save a woman's home from illegal foreclosure landed 9 Occupiers in jail in Raleigh yesterday. Occupiers say they discovered that the questionable act of "robo-signing" is responsible for at least 10 different foreclosures in the area, including the one at Nikki Shelton's home, where they were arrested. Ms. Shelton's home was foreclosed upon in 2010. Occupiers remained on the property as long as possible, with the 9 being arrested for second-degree trespassing. Ms. Shelton fell behind on her payments after her husband was seriously injured in a car accident, but the bank refused to work with her to modify her loan.


-- An unknown number of arrests occurred this morning as police evicted the Leyton Marshes Occupiers. While many of the protesters left peacefully, images show that a number of people were forcibly removed and arrested. Those who complied in leaving set up their new Occupation on Lea Bridge Road, which is near open land. Those protesting believe that it is wrong to close off the area to the public, and many fear that the spot will not be returned to its previous status, regardless of what the commission says.


-- It appears that Occupy New Haven has lost their case to stay on the Green. The judge ruled against them, but the Occupiers say they will be appealing the case.


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