Monday, April 9, 2012

Updates 4/9/12

Hello everyone.

I suppose I should have given everyone a quick update on this earlier. Sorry. My little brother went to his regular doctor on Friday, who said he could find no traces of fluid in Matt's lungs. Either it was never there, or it cleared up really fast. My brother is feeling loads better, and has even been well enough to go to the movies. So that's great. :) Thanks to everyone who was concerned.

It seems that much of the news is items that didn't get posted on Sunday, due to the holiday. So we've got some "weekend" news. :) I hope you don't mind a link day. Haven't done one in a bit...

-- Occupy Chicago marched on Saturday, asking protesters who visit for the NATO summit to help out with the community. Read what they're asking for here:

-- Occupy Vanderbilt is a new Occupation with a lot of questions. Student's want administrators to break the silence about the school's investments. Were they supporting unethical practices?

-- Occupier Mike Roy is fighting back against a ban from campus in London. He was simply filming a protest, and received a letter banning him for a full year. He was never approached by police, and believes he is being unfairly targeted.

-- Is today the last day for Occupy New Haven? A judge is expected to rule today concerning free speech and tents. Several factors


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