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Updates 4/23/12

Hello everyone.

Thank you to everyone who wrote in to answer my question. There were only a few who took the time to respond, but your answers were thorough and insightful. I do appreciate it. Check out yesterdays blog if you haven't answered and would like to.

On to the news:

-- A Freedom of Information request has now given a number to the costs associated with Occupy London's St. Paul Cathedral Occupation. According to the released documents, which tally overtime, health and safety expenses, legal fees, and officer reassignments, the total was roughly $1.7 million.

-- Following the suicide of a Primghar teen, an activist from Occupy Iowa has set up an anti-bullying rally at the capitol. While not officially an Occupy Des Moines event, many Occupiers are expected to attend this Wednesday. The activist says he is hoping to move conversation to stricter bullying laws for the state.|head

-- A group of Occupiers in Berkeley took to farming yesterday as both a protest and a way to provide healthy food for those who need it. The farm tract is owned by the University of Berkeley, but the school has been selling off bits of the land for quite some time. There used to be roughly 100 acres to the land, which is now down to about 10. Those planting were told that they were trespassing, and were subject to arrest, but no arrests were recorded.

-- Occupy Portland (OR) took to the parks last night in an attempt to re-Occupy two parks in the city. The activists remained past the parks' closing times, but soon afterwards police began to arrive. Occupiers were warned that there would be no "cite and release" if they were to stay, rather, they would be taken to jail. Most of the protesters remained on the sidewalk. There was one unrelated arrest, in which a minor began to climb a statue in the park. He was released to his parent.

-- Occupy BloNo (Bloomington/Normal, IL) had a bit of a scare early this morning as an arsonist set their campsite ablaze while they slept. No one was hurt, but a tent and pallets were fully destroyed by the blaze, and Occupiers are calling for a full investigation. A spokesperson for the fire department says that it is too soon to determine if the fire was intentional, but that an investigation is underway. Part of the Milner Library canopy stretched over the site, and was also damaged from the fire.


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