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Updates 4/25/12

Hello everyone.

It's coming down to the wire for me. I have three major research papers to write, and less than two weeks to get it done. Not to mention six exams. I think I'm going to lose my mind soon, that is, if I haven't already.


-- Eight Occupiers were arrested during the Wells Fargo Shareholders meeting yesterday, after they were able to gain access to the building and talk to some of the shareholders. Eventually CEO John Stumpf had the doors to the building closed, which denied entry to the shareholders as well as Occupiers. Shareholders who were not part of the protest were allowed to come and go through a side door, while the others were told the meeting was "filled to capacity."

-- Today is the day when student debt is set to hit the 1 Trillion Dollar mark, and protesters are up in arms about it. Dozens of cities have events planned to protest the rising cost of education in America. Student loan debt is the fastest growing form of debt in the country, surpassing even credit card debt. Many student feel as though they will never be able to get out from under it. (Tell me about it.)

-- GE has been hearing quite a bit from Occupiers lately, and if they think the worst is over, they're far from correct. Their shareholder meeting is today in Detroit, and the Occupy groups there are preparing for it. More than 2,000 protesters are expected to join in for the event. The tax totals paid by GE on both foreign and domestic soils were 7% from last year, and -12% in 2010. (Yep, that's a negative.),0,2450109.story

-- Here's an interesting article by the ACLU detailing the treatment of photographers by police. It's short, but a good read.


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