Sunday, April 22, 2012

Updates 4/22/12 - and a question for my readers.

Hello everyone.

As usual, the news is fairly quiet on Sunday. I have a small task for my readers today. You'll find it after the news. Happy Earth Day! Do good works. :)


-- Occupy Richmond held an Earth Day protest on Friday, with roughly 200 people in attendance. They were protesting the Chevron refinery in Richmond, and dozens of groups joined them in protesting the pollution and greed brought about by Chevron and other corporations like them.

-- A man from Occupy Portland (OR) has been the first convicted of a crime associated with a protest. Jonathan Zook was arrested during a rally in December. Most of the charges against him were dropped as "not guilty," but he was found guilty of interfering with a police officer. He will spend 2 days in jail, and has been given probation, community service, and a 400 dollar fine.

-- Two Occupiers in Malaysia were arrested this morning after camping out in Dataran, just hours after a royal concert. Multiple tents were torn down by plainclothes police officers, who ignored Occupy Dataran's questions. There were no reasons given for the arrests of tent removal.

-- Three Occupiers were arrested outside the IMF (International Monetary Fund) meeting in DC yesterday. Each activist faces a different charge. One allegedly crossed a police line, one blocked passage, and a third allegedly assaulted a police officer. The IMF meeting finished their meeting yesterday.

On to my question/task.

I have a question for all my readers, if you have the time to answer it. If you prefer to comment or email me your answer, either is fine. My question has several parts. I am simply very curious as to what others believe on this topic. All I am asking for is your opinion. It certainly doesn't have to be a long answer at all.

What is Socialism in your opinion? How does it differ from Communism? Do you think a Socialistic Democracy is viable for a country as large as the United States?


Why do you think that Socialism is a four letter word in America? Why is it considered so bad?

I'd appreciate any answers on this.

Just for the record, no, this isn't a homework assignment. I'm not doing any homework or papers like this. This is to better my understanding. :)


To answer my questions or contact me for any reason, please email me at Thanks so much. You guys are amazing.

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