Thursday, April 5, 2012

Updates 4/5/12

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Here's the news:

-- Multiple Occupy movements are teaming up with local groups to protest cuts to public transit. In Pittsburgh, Occupiers joined with the local Amalgamated Transit Union to demand that the Governor take steps to fix the $64 million deficit and 35% service cuts planned for this fall. Original funding plans fell through in the state after the federal government refused to allow a toll on Interstate 80. In Denver, Occupiers teamed up with bud drivers and riders to protest the cuts that would remove many of the routes used by the needy and disabled.

-- On Wednesday, a judge ordered the protesters who are blocking the construction of an Olympic basketball court at Leyton Marsh to stop their "unlawful activity." The land is supposed to be used for the facility for training, after which it will be "demolished, and land restored to its previous condition." The judge admitted that he has tickets to one of the games at the planned center before ruling against the Occupiers. (Conflict of Interest? Hello? Law? ANYONE?)

-- In an addition to the Howard Morgan story I mentioned the other day, new information has come to light, and the press is finally giving the man a bit of attention. It turns out that Morgan was a railroad police officer who had his service weapon on him. There were four White officers and Morgan at the stop, roughly two blocks from Morgan's home. The officers claim that Morgan shot at them, but there is barely any evidence available. His van was crushed before forensic testing could be done, gun residue was never tested, and the bullet proof vest worn by the allegedly shot officer was never obtained afterwards.

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