Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Updates 4/18/12

Hello everyone.

I usually don't do this two days in a row, but I'm short on time again this morning, so we're doing another link day.

On to the news:

-- Here is an updated article on the arrests that occurred on Monday for Occupy Wall Street. It gives a more detailed account of police taking a man's sign before arresting him, and an officer threatening to take a man's puppy.

-- Hundreds of protesters, including Occupy, unions, and labor groups, marched in downtown LA to protest Tax Day.

-- Occupy New Haven is packing up after a federal Appeals court sided with the city. Read on to find out their future plans.

-- Palestinian prisoners in Israel are on hunger strikes. More than 1 in 10 of the 4,699 prisoners are serving a life sentence. 203 children are also imprisoned, with over 30 of them under 16 years of age.

-- Downtown Seattle was abuzz yesterday as Occupiers staged a mock foreclosure on Wells Fargo Bank, followed by a protest at Amazon's headquarters. They were protesting the tax loopholes allowing corporate giants to pay much less than their fair share in taxes.

-- Over in Yakima, Occupiers marched as part of the Tax Day Protest, also fighting back against corporate loopholes.

-- London is warning protesters to stay away from the Olympic torch rally. Preemptive requests have been made for extra security.

-- Police in Santa Ana evicted the homeless from Necessity Village. One man's tale is heartbreaking, as he details how Occupiers finally allowed him to feel safe enough to sleep. Now all that is gone.,0,5669524.story

-- Occupiers have been evicted from the vacant lot near a mental health clinic in Chicago. The protesters are trying to stop the closure and privatization of over a dozen clinics used by the needy public. They are trying to figure out what steps to take next.,0,7833363.story


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