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Updates 4/2/12

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-- Occupy San Francisco have occupied an abandoned building, as police stood by. The vacant Archdiocese building is owned by the church, and church officials asked police to take no action until they meet on Monday. Occupiers say they will permanently turn the building into a homeless shelter. The building was entered by roughly 100 Occupiers after a rally and march Sunday night.

-- Across the bay from Occupy SF, Occupy Oakland held their weekly anti-police march, but it did not go as peacefully as planned. Officers had scaled back their presence from the peaceful marches, so no arrests were made. Officers say vandals caused thousands of dollars in damage by breaking windows and spray-painting slogans on businesses. Some of the businesses attacked include Starbucks, Quiznos, the Patelco Credit Union, Clorox, and the Wells Fargo building. Many of those committing the crimes wore masks, then melted back into the crowd after causing damage. Police are planning to attempt to use surveillance footage to catch them.

I'm running really late. In order to not miss class, we're switching to links.

-- To mark the 6 month anniversary of their first walk across Brooklyn Bridge, Occupiers marched across the bridge again. Find out how it went here:

-- An Occupy eviction in Toronto turned violent during a clash, leaving one woman alleging police brutality. You can see what they did to her (breaking her nose and orbital socket), and listen to her side of the story here:

-- Chicago and Milwaukee are teaming up against Chicago's Mayor. Read about their united protests and police standoff here:

-- A group of supposed Occupiers were squatting in a mansion in Bristol, when police came to evict them. One pregnant woman was allegedly dragged out of the building. Claims of brutality and tales to support their stories can be found here:


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