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Updates 9/10/12

Hello everyone.

I'd like to thank everyone who sent me emails of encouragement and well-wishes. It means so much to me I can't even say. I call the surgeon in just a short while, so I am going to make this quick.

-- This article by HuffPost brings us news of a new book about Occupy, as part of a series of pamphlets. Called "Occupying Language," it describes the new and old meanings associated with many of the words we use in and out of Occupy, and it seems to be an interesting new take. (As a linguist, stuff like this always makes me excited.)

-- It seems Jay-Z may be suddenly confused about things. Last year, the rapping star made and sold t-shirts associated with Occupy, but now he says he doesn't understand what the movement is about, or what it wants. He says he doesn't like demonizing all of the 1%, because America was built on entrepreneurship. (So, you sold t-shirts without knowing what it was all about? I'm pretty sure that means you were only interested in making a buck.)

-- Occupy the Farm hit the Gill Tract again on Sunday to harvest more of the crops they have sewn and tended. Police were on site to make sure that researchers' crops were not disturbed. Eventually, UC Berkeley officials decided to open the gates and let the Occupiers move freely, as long as they didn't harm other crops. Officials say they are considering allowing the land to be cultivated.

-- This hard-hitting article works at answering all the right questions. Where were the Occupiers at the conventions? Why are "Free Speech Zones" located so far from the people that should hear them? Why do these zones even exist? Who uses them? (I just read through this. It was written by a correspondent for CNN. It makes a good case for our free speech and assembly rights being stomped on. I'd read it if I were you.)

-- While this article is from a more conservative site, they do make a decent point here. Why is the Southern Poverty Law Center categorizing Occupy-related individuals who commit crimes as "radical right?" (I personally don't like the rhetoric of the article, but I do find it strange to classify Occupiers as "right" considering many of us are progressives. At the same time, we have a multitude of individuals from all sides of the political spectrum involved with us. What do you think?)

-- Amazing news out of Chicago: For the fist time in 25 years, teachers are on strike. Talks ended last night with no resolution, and the educators will not be at school today. The Mayor has called the strike unnecessary, saying it is a "strike of choice."

-- 20,000 people are Occupying a nuclear plant in India as the plant prepares for commission. Police have been deployed to protect the nuclear plant. The people are camped around the plant, refusing to return to their homes. (This is amazing. It includes a ton of images, and these people are obviously unhappy.)


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