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Updates 9/22/12

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The Corporate Media has once again gotten stuck in a deep groove of a 45. (If you don't understand what that means, you're a youngin'.) They're ignoring any current protests, and continuously discussing the one year anniversary, what Occupy means, how occupy has failed/succeeded/disappeared/reappeared. They're also obsessing about the Occupy Unmasked "movie," which was recently released into theaters. 

So first up we have a couple links from Charles/Chuck, and after that I'm going to show you some of the more interesting (and sometimes asinine) articles that I've found. File this one under "Things That Make Kitty Hiss." (It's come to my attention that I've been calling Charles by the wrong name. I greatly apologize for this. Charles goes by Chuck, and I just didn't even notice that. Henceforth, Charles will be referred to by Chuck, unless he asks me to do different. Sorry, Chuck!)

-- [Chuck] The Lakota people have had quite enough of the destruction of their sacred land and water, and are concerned about all people who live in the region. They have organized to stop any construction on the Keystone XL (KXL) oil pipeline that, if approved, would run from Canada to (at least) Nebraska. The pipeline would be buried in aquifers the people use, and water supplies would likely be poisoned from tar sands and waste water ponds.

-- [Chuck] When our dollar worth goes down, most people incorrectly blame population increases, job losses, or the president. But who really should take the blame for this? Enter "End the Fed," a group of activists who want to end the un-elected group of banks that control inflation, set interest rates, and choose who will receive bailouts. But why are these banks allowed to do this, and how do we stop them? Go here to learn more.

-- In San Francisco, a small Occupy camp remains on Market Street, but many who stay there aren't Occupiers, according to the media and several city officials. While the group does hand out flyers and information, police officers and street cleaners say that the majority of the people inside the camp are homeless, who take advantage of the settlement area. Some Occupiers say they are not happy with the way things are going. While Occupy wants to draw attention to the plight of the homeless in the city, they are instead being associated directly with them. The term "slacktivist" is being thrown around quite a bit.

-- Here's a review of the Breitbart masterpiece by someone who claims to be an Occupier. He agrees with some of the messages in the film, saying that the fringe groups are a big part of Occupy and that the film has propaganda, but is an eye opener. He talks about a conversation he had with a student, where he couldn't understand the student's desire to attend college without having to take out loans. (Personally, I would like to have a chat with this man. He seems to want to understand, but has difficulty understanding why some people cannot work for a year and save to pay for college. As someone who absolutely had (and still has) to take out student loans, I feel like an open and honest discussion with him could show him some of the bigger problems arising from this situation.)

-- In an interview concerning the film, a CNN reporter discussed Occupy with the President of Citizens United. She told him it seemed unfair to judge an entire movement by the actions of the few bad apples within. This opinion piece details the interaction, and calls her out for attempting to "protect" the movement, while simultaneously denying any sort of racism from the Tea Party. (It's funny. The author claims that CNN is trying to "show the worst of the Tea Party and argue for the best of OWS." But isn't that what the author is doing here as well? He brings up all the greatest talking points about the Tea Party while disparaging the worst of Occupy. I see it as this. If you want to compare groups, you have to argue about them fro the same level. You can't lift one onto a pedestal by talking about their most premier members while tossing the other in the dump by looking at their worst. If you're going to compare them, look at the worst OR best of both. If you make this argument, like this author did, you are being entirely hypocritical.)

-- Here's an article about why this person thinks Occupy failed. That's it. That's all I'm saying about it. We haven't changed any laws and we don't have lobbyists, so we suck, apparently. (Idiot.)


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