Thursday, September 20, 2012

Updates 9/20/12

Hello everyone.

Trying to get a hold of your surgeon because of concerns about one of your incisions is like trying to pull a rabbit out of your hat with real magic. You might get it eventually, but damn, you're gonna have to try hard.

Here's a bit of a humorous conversation I had with a receptionist.

Me: "Hi, I had surgery with Dr. Martin on Friday, and I was wondering about one of the incisions, but I can't find the phone number to follow up..."

Receptionist: "This coming Friday or last Friday?"

Me: "........Last Friday."

I can apparently travel through time now. Who knew?

On to the news!

-- [Charles] We have a few (belated) birthday messages for Occupy! The first is a video of the OWS Birthday Party, describing the movement and many involved in it. The second is a birthday compilation, as a gift from the crew of The Illuminator!

-- [Charles] People in India are striking and marching against government plans to open the country to global supermarket chains. Officials say the chains are needed to fix the lagging economy, but unions and smaller shops fear that the larger businesses will mean bankruptcies and job and business losses. 

-- As Apple customers settle into line in NYC to wait for the release of the iPhone 5, they aren't alone. Occupiers have been steadily creeping into line near them, apparently planning a protest against the slave labor used to produce the phones by Apple in China. One of the customers waiting in line quipped, "They have nicer sleeping bags than we do." 

-- George Zimmerman claims self-defense for killing Trayvon Martin, saying that the young man reached for his weapon before he was able to shoot him. A problem has arisen for Zimmerman concerning that story, as Martin's DNA was not found on the gun or holster. It seems he will not be using the "Stand your Ground" law as his defense, as the case does not fit the qualifications.

-- At UC Davis, prosecutors have decided not to pursue criminal charges against the police officer who pepper sprayed a group of sitting students back in November. While school officials ruled that too much force was used, it was also found that the police officers involved genuinely believed they were in a hostile situation. The prosecution says there is insufficient evidence that the use of force was illegal.

-- Twitter has given the deleted tweets over to the court, with the stipulation that they remain sealed until an Appellate Court rules this Friday. The company was going to be forced to reveal their profits, which the private company did not want to do. They also faced large fines. The man facing charges in the case is unhappy with the results, of course.

-- [Charles] Here is a brilliant article by Truth-Out, discussing the minimum wage, and why it needs to go up. They give real statistics and examples here, and detail why those at the top aren't so interested in that happening. But here's the dig: We, as a country, overwhelmingly want that wage to rise. Yet they still won't do it.


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