Saturday, September 8, 2012

Updates 9/8/12

Hello everyone.

I am indebted to Charles today for sending me so much information to give you all. I somehow severely injured my side, to the point that my wife is genuinely concerned I may have a hernia. That would be terrible, and I am hoping it goes away by Monday, otherwise I will be in the doctor's office again. I always joke about giving myself a hernia with all the stress and emotional distress I go through... I sincerely hope I haven't. Also, we didn't have power for about 6 hours last night due to the storms passing through, and it was about 3 hours in that I started to feel the pain. I can't think of anything that I did. I didn't fall or anything like I usually do. Oh, well. Wish me luck.

-- [Charles] This video is a slightly humorous take on both President Obama and Mitt Romney, who somehow end up in a jail cell together and talk to each other openly. Apparently we'll find out more about this soon, because another video is coming soon.

-- Protesters have been cleared out of the park in Charlotte now that the DNC is over. Portable toilets were removed yesterday morning, and all activists left peacefully around noon.

-- [Charles] How is NYC preparing for the one year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street? Click the link to see an image of their preparations.

-- [Charles] The undocumented immigrants who attended the DNC knew they faced deportation if they were arrested, yet they went anyway. Here, Yes! Magazine looks into why they would do so, and what their fight means for all of us.

-- [Charles] Recently, Michael Moore came out and said that there was a very real possibility of having to say "President Romney," after the next election. In this piece, he explains why he believes that to be the case, and what we can do to prevent it. It's a good read, and one worth sharing.


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