Saturday, September 1, 2012

Updates 9/1/12

Hello everyone.

Welcome to September. I got my first paycheck yesterday for being a researcher at the school. I've been living on student loans and assistance from my mother (what help she can give anyway) for three years. This is going to take some getting used to. When you are poor for a long time, you pick up habits that aren't necessarily good for someone who makes money on a regular basis. You buy what you know you are going to need for long periods of time, stocking up on things. That's sometimes good anyway, in some cases, like toilet paper. But I don't have to do that anymore, now that I have a steady income. If you have never had this problem, or I guess even if you have, here's a good article for you to read. It's a humorous article, but it's fairly true with what he talks about.

Let's get to the news. Today is a busy day for me, so there isn't much.

-- [Charles] Chalkupy finished a major art piece recently, and it is stunning to look at. Check out their piece "Truth on Trial" at the link.

-- [Charles] Many people have noticed that while Ron Paul has amazingly passionate followers, he has not attempted to attack Mitt Romney. WeAreChange got an exclusive interview with Paul's Senior Campaign Advisor and asked why. The answer they got is pretty surprising. Apparently, Romney threatened Paul with a "PR A-Bomb" should he try.

-- [Charles] This video is rather long. It is a response to the video concerning the arrest of Amy Goodman, from Democracy Now. In it, lawyers and journalists requested an audience with the mayor of St. Paul. Many are concerned about the escalation of police violence here. Watch here to see what happens.

-- We've had the RNC, and now it is time for the DNC. Multiple groups are packing up and heading to North Carolina to jump into the fray, including several Occupy groups. This article provides a long list of the groups likely to attend, and gives you many of the reasons they will be there. It's quite interesting to find out what these groups want and need. Check it out.

-- I'm not making a separate section for this, but man does this make Kitty hiss. This opinion piece, written by a former police officer who goes by the nickname Middle Class Guy, is titled "Occupy Movement is Generation Entitlement." He ridicules two people who have posted their stories and struggles of being in the 99%. In one of the grossest forms of over-simplification I have ever seen, this author blames the people for signing student loan forms, saying they should have known a degree would not guarantee them a job. If you want to get really irritable about a guy with no clue, go read here.


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