Sunday, September 2, 2012

Updates 9/2/12

Hello everyone.

We got sufficiently drenched last night by the remnants of Issac. By 'sufficiently,' I mean that there are photos of our town flooding due to the 3.3 inches of rain we received in roughly two hours. One of the photos was taken on one of the main roads in town, right outside the Amtrak station, with water flooding into the Varsity Theater across the street. It's crazy! I can show you.

Isn't that nuts? We've been without rain for so long. Some people (including myself) were just standing outside the whole time watching. All of our buildings in the apartment complex had moats. The lowest sitting building was only a quarter inch from being flooded, and were lucky it stopped when it did. My building is the highest, at least five feet above the lower ones, and even we had a moat. It's mostly absorbed now, though we did lose power this morning... after everything happened and drained. 

 On to the news. I'm making it a link day. I have a lot to do today!

-- [Charles] This amazing website is all about stopping the coming war between Iran and Israel. It's heartwarming and thought-provoking. I am overwhelmed by the courage and love that these people, from both sides, are sending out.

-- [Charles] Here is another thought provoking image. This is FDR's second Bill of Rights, which did not pass.

-- [Charles] This needs to be read. The blogger for UneditedCamera walked around Tampa during the RNC, asking people not only what it was like to live in the city during the convention, but also what it was like to live there at all. The results are heartbreaking.

-- The Hot and Crusty bakery in Manhattan got Occupied after the owners shut down the business. Why did they close? Because the employees, tired of being treated badly and having wages stolen, formed a union.

-- Police have admitted to infiltrating Occupy Austin, and may have been acting as provocateurs. Did they go too far?

-- [Charles] Parents and students in San Antonio are protesting new ID cards put out by the school, as they have a tracking chip embedded inside to let the school know where kids are at all times.

-- This great article/opinion piece details police brutality in the US, and how it is getting worse. The author provides links to videos of brutality against multitudes of people; young and old, white and black, all different people facing the same problems. We fear police, and this is a harrowing example of why.

--  [Charles] Here, the Other Possibilities Network provides a schedule of events for the DNC. Want to know what's going on? They even tell you when they'll be doing live updates.


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