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-- [Charles] In this video, Democracy Now meets with a reporter for the Charlotte Observer to discuss the DNC, and its effects on the city's poor. You won't be seeing them in the Convention videos.

-- [Charles] In Charlotte, ice sculptures were made of the words "Middle Class," and this site livestreamed the site at the words melted away. You can read more about it, and possibly watch the recording, here.

-- [Charles] Do you remember George Carlin's brilliant rant on the American Dream? It's a good one, and you can watch it here. 

-- What happens to the poor when they are pushed out of big cities? They face a different kind of lifestyle, of poverty, of homelessness. In this article, HuffPost discusses Bay Area Poverty.

-- Three of the men charged with the attempted bridge-bombing in Cleveland are reportedly planning to change their pleas to guilty.

-- The DA in the arson case against Brian David Gilmore says the Fort Collins beekeeper was "obsessed" with Occupy Wall Street. Learn more about him and the case in the link.

-- While many claim that Occupiers are just spinning their wheels, and not getting much done, this article by Care2 takes those claims head-on, citing worker solidarity and changes within the system as its base. It's an encouraging piece.

And now, we have another great little section sent in by Kate. (Thank you Kate! I hope you and your family are well.)

Many of us ponder our voting options in the upcoming election in November. Here's the Green Party platform as some food for thought:
While the nation prepared for the DNC in Charlotte, Chicago Teachers Union rallied in the Loop on Labor Day, with an impressive turnout and show of strength. Here's an article with the details and a short video of the action: We can rest assured there will be more to this story as the 10 September strike date approaches.
In international news, on 1 September, Archbishop Desmond Tutu called for the prosecution of Tony Blair (and former President G. Bush) as Blair arrived in South Africa for a speaking engagement. You can read Archbishop Tutu's letter in the Guardian here: The Guardian's coverage of Tutu's letter can be read here and additional commentary from the Guardian newspaper on 3 September here:
On Tuesday in Athens, Greece, pensioners occupied the Ministry of Health in protest of additional austerity measures enacted as the Greek government attempts to meet the conditions imposed on the country by its creditors: 
In Canada, the political tension continues to escalate, with speculation that Quebec may opt for secession before conflicting views are reconciled. Here's a clip from RT News on the topic: and some more of the history and details are explored here:
And in New Brunswick, Canada, on 1 & 2 September, a historical meeting took place between Indigenous peoples and allies as they come together to identify and strengthen common bonds and goals
Back in the U.S., the Lakota Nation celebrates the halt of the private sale of the sacred site Pe' Sla and their acomplishments in finding the support necessary to assure the land is secured under tribal stewardship. Here's an article with an embedded video that reviews the details of the struggle and their success:
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