Thursday, September 13, 2012

Updates 9/13/12

Hello everyone.

There will be no update tomorrow. My surgery is scheduled for 8:30 Friday morning, central time. I'm very nervous and worried, but this will make me feel so much better, so I want to get it done. The surgeon was worried about infection possibly setting in, so he scheduled me for his first available time slot. 

On to the news.

-- [Charles] Politically charged music with a purpose is a strong piece of any revolution. Meet Rebel Diaz, a duo who use hip hop music as a tool against oppression. This song is titled "Chicago Teacher," and whether you enjoy hip hop or not, it has a great message.

-- [Charles] A federal judge in New York has struck down a part of the law against terrorism due to its infringement on the First Amendment's freedom of speech. This is the first ruling of its kind, and a very important one. 

-- [Charles] Occupy Wall Street isn't the only group making noise on S17. Check out Occupy Monsanto for their plans on the date, and you can join in, send support, or just learn more.

-- [Charles] Who is behind the increasing privatization of schools, and the voucher programs that funnel tax money into private education? ThinkProgress has the answer, revealing numerous millionaires and billionaires who are blatantly throwing their money into these systems. But why?

-- The case against a man accused of setting fire to a building in Fort Collins has ended in a mistrial. Jurors were split evenly on every piece of the case. A new case is scheduled to begin in February.

Now we've got two stories that seem to be pretty controversial. What do you think?

-- In this article from the Daily Caller, the author calls out Occupy for supporting the Chicago teachers during their strike, citing numbers that the teachers are some of the highest paid in the nation. The author seems to skip over the fact that the teachers aren't actually fighting over pay raises themselves, but rather being fairly compensated for working longer hours, and being judged on a "merit pay" system based on the flawed results of standardized testing, as well as better conditions for students. When an Occupier was asked about supporting some of the highest paid teachers, she responded that it is simply a sign that teachers throughout the country are not being paid as well as they should (and I have to agree). What's your take here?

-- In China, a paper has released a story accusing Occupiers in Hong Kong of trying to incite anarchy and not respecting the social order and "basic rules of the game in a democratic society." The story says that Occupy has lost its relevance, and that HSBC was right to have them evicted. It claims that Occupiers turned to violence when being evicted, and that the group has been linked to radical opposition and extremist groups. It's the second story on this page. Got an opinion?


Sorry about the late post today. I've been on and off the phone making plans for tomorrow. If you would like to contact me, email And remember, no post tomorrow!

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