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Updates 9/27/12

Hello everyone. 

I'm still panicking and nervous over what's going on in my life right now, but I feel resigned to the fact that it isn't going to be a successful endeavor. I haven't received news yet, but it feels as if I'm not going to achieve the goal I have, which means that I will be stuck and sad where I am now. I cannot make public what I'm concerned with yet, and I apologize for that. If it doesn't happen, I won't be telling anyway, because I don't want to cause hostility between myself and a few others who may feel as if I'm trying to reject them through this. That wouldn't be the case, of course, but I have no doubt that it would be seen as such. I just feel so sad...

Let's get to the news. 

-- [Chuck] While people sit in trees to block TransCanada from completing the Keystone XL Pipeline, things have gotten horrible for those activists in Texas. Police have pepper sprayed and tased them, after scratching open wounds into their arms, which they have locked together on logging machinery meant to tear down trees. The activists managed to remain calm despite the pain they were in, but mutually reassuring each other that it would be okay. (This seems to be extremely out of order for the police. These people are OBVIOUSLY not causing any physical harm to people, yet they decided to use tactics meant for criminals on them. I would say to the activists, "Thank you for standing strong and continuing to fight back." I would say to the police, "This is not okay. You need to be immediately removed from duty until you can undergo remedial training on weapons discharge and methods. Obviously, you have an emotional -or financial- charge in this as well, otherwise you would not be so hasty as to harm individuals who can generally be classified as "harmless.")

-- [Chuck] Here's a great blog sort of post that has a ton of interesting articles included. It discusses everything from how Mitt Romney isn't the only liar in this campaign (to which I say 'I think I knew that, but thanks for the actual proof. Much obliged!'), to the riots and protests in Spain, to what it is like for the people in Pakistan who know of America only through drone attacks, which often kill not only the citizens, but also first responders. (I read through several of these before deciding to post this. It's chock-full of pertinent information for anyone interested in both domestic and world news and politics. Great link, Chuck!)

-- The Occupy encampment on Market Street in San Francisco is gone, raided in a surprise visit by police around midnight last night. While many people involved left immediately to avoid arrest, two protesters took up bullhorns to remind police that they were, in fact, protesters, not a homeless encampment. Police had been warning individuals that sleeping on the sidewalk is "illegal lodging." Police moved quickly to prevent backup protesters from arriving on scene.

-- UC Davis has reached a settlement with the 21 student demonstrators who were leisurely pepper sprayed by a police officer last fall. Each of the victims will receive $30,000, with their attorneys splitting $250,000, and an additional $100,000 set back for anyone else who may be able to prove they were also sprayed in the incident. It totals roughly one million dollars.

-- [Chuck] Consumerism is a major issue here in the States, with billions (if not more) of dollars being spent each year. Here. CNET wants to take you on a journey to understand something about being a consumer, which we would not normally see or even consider during our purchase plans. What is it about the iPhone that makes everyone want one? How is it made? Who makes it? What kind of conditions are the working in? These questions, and more, are examined here.

-- Student debt is setting records left and right. Earlier this year, it broke the trillion dollar mark. Now, another record has been broken, with the news that nearly 1 in 5 people are saddled with student debt. The study also shows that the debt disproportionately affects the young and poor, a sad thing to see in an already sluggish economy.


Oh My GOSH! It seems that my feeling was wrong! I've gotten in touch with someone, and it appears that what I've been hoping for, and so scared would NOT happen, will be going through. I will tell you all more about it once I get the ball rolling on this. But for now, I want to thank each and every one of you for your positive thoughts, energies, and prayers. It means so much to me to have your support, even if I haven't yet told you why.

I sound so cryptic, don't I? 

Might as well make it sound like an advertisement. "Tune in next week for more info on what's going on!" Just kidding. I'll let you all know soon! :D


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