Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Updates 9/26/12

Hello everyone.

Wish me luck today, please. I can't tell you why yet, but I need it. 

-- The revolution occurring in Spain is remarkable in so many ways. Corporate media is estimating crowds at 6,000. People in attendance say that number is drastically less than reality. Some counts estimate between 100-150,000 people. A hundred thousand or more people. There are several links for this today, and each one of them deserves a read. First, why are the Spaniards Occupying to begin with? Will they be able to influence or dissolve the Parliament? 

-- [Chuck] Secondly, here's a blog from a person who has attended their protests. Included are videos and images, as well as a personal account of what happened. Scroll down a bit to be sure to read the post titled "Battlefield Madrid."

-- [Chuck] In the previous link, the author talks about police being surrounded. They weren't kidding. Here's an astounding photo of it.

-- [Chuck] Spain isn't the only country in protest though. A 24-hour general strike is happening today, in a country we've all been hearing about- Greece. The Grecians are angry about the planned austerity measures, many of which are detailed in the link. (These so-called "measures" have obviously not been measured. Reading these things makes me extraordinarily angry and sad.)

-- Occupy Oakland has big plans for next month. The group plans to retake the Frank H. Ogawa Plaza on October 25th. 

-- Who would allow this ad to be run? I'm sorry, I know that we have free speech, but I think that if you are going to buy a full-page ad in a newspaper, the paper should at the very least fact-check your ad to make sure you aren't telling blatant lies. These papers didn't. Follow the link to see one of the most lie-packed advertisements you have ever seen. Remember, I'm no fan of President Obama or Republican Candidate Mitt Romney. I just can't believe someone would have the balls to lie about all this. If this were a blatant attack of lies against Mitt Romney, you can bet your bottom dollar that I'd be just as mad. (Read: I hate liars. I cannot stand them. It's my biggest pet peeve.)


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