Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Updates 9/19/12

Hello everyone.

I hope you are all doing well. I'm starting to feel so much better. I usually have terrible stomach cramps and other issues, and besides the leftover muscle pain (and severe itchiness OMG SO ITCHY) from surgery, I've really had no stomach pain at all since the operation. It's amazing when you get so used to having these terrible pains, and then you find out that no, that isn't normal, and yes, it can be fixed. So nice! But really though, I cannot stop from wanting to scream at how super-itchy this is. Don't worry, I'm being good and not scratching at them. I've been scratching around them, so I can get at least a little relief, making sure I don't disturb the actual area. 

I tell you these things like you care about the state of my itchiness... Haha.. Sorry about that. :) 

Let's get on to the news. We've got Occupy stuff and international stuff today.

-- [Charles] Jesse Ventura has always been pretty outspoken about his beliefs, and this video is no different. In a segment of 'Breaking the Set', host Abby Martin interviews him to discuss the two-party system and the war crimes of the USA.

-- While I don't agree with some of the rhetoric against the police in this opinion piece, it does get better as you read. The author talks about the movements of S17, and how police and Occupiers acted and reacted on that day. It's pretty interesting. 

-- [Charles] This note from Occupy Roseburg says perfectly what many people think about Occupy. It's a thank you letter and note of encouragement and action all rolled neatly into a paragraph.

-- [Charles] This blogger from Reuters responds to the scathingly anti-Occupy letter by Andrew Sorkin, in which Sorkin decries Occupy for "not getting anything done." You can read why this blogger thinks that's inaccurate, as well as look at Sorkin's post.

-- An Occupier involved in a protest had been charged with assaulting an officer. The man was being arrested when he began to convulse, causing officers to race to get an ambulance on scene. Rumors are circulating that a stun gun was used on the man, but police say that is untrue.

Now let's move on to international news.

-- In France, officials have said they will not approve protests concerning the anti-Islam film put out by some idiot here in America. They are ramping up security details to prevent any incidents from getting out of hand. To add insult to injury, a satirical magazine in the country will be running a comic that pictures the prophet Mohammad--an action considered blasphemy by Muslims.

-- The confrontations over a group of islands and ocean between several Asian countries are reaching boiling points. Anti-Japan riots burst out in China recently, leaving the government to clean up the mess after it was discovered that Japan purchased the islands. It is unlikely that the territorial disputes will end anytime soon.

-- In Georgia, angry citizens have taken to the streets to protest the treatment of prisoners after footage was released showing prison guards violently torturing them. People carried images of relatives who have been beaten and sexually assaulted by guards, and the minister in charge of prisons has resigned in the wake of the allegations. 

-- Rumors are swirling that Israel is preparing to launch an attack on Iran, and the US may not be far behind in assistance. In a recent show of strength, the US military and 29 other countries have begun a mine-clearing exercise in the Persian Gulf. The show of force comes at a time when tensions continue to escalate.


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