Sunday, September 30, 2012

Updates 9/30/12

Hello everyone.

More stress, more stress. I don't even want to think about anything right now.

Here's the news:

-- [Chuck] The protester turnout in Spain has been amazingly high. Here's an image from yesterday.

-- [Chuck] If you are looking for ideas about how to protest from home, and what you can do to support locals, look here. (great list)

-- [Chuck] A huge concert in New York starring The Foo Fighters, The Black Keys, and Neil Young was performed in front of a huge audience with the low ticket cost of watching videos on topics like poverty and malaria. It was provided by Global Citizen, which you can learn more about in the second link.

-- What's going on in the Romney camp? It seems that even his supporters and advisers believe he doesn't have much of a chance.

-- Protesters in Madrid remained calm and peaceful for hours during an anti-austerity march, but when police moved in to break up the "unauthorized" demonstration, all hell broke loose.

-- Occupy DC is planning their own one-year anniversary celebration, but this one is scheduled to last a week. Check out their plans here.


Thanks for reading and sharing. I'm having even more issues right now, so I hope you understand why today's newsblog is so short. Thanks as always for your support. Things are getting a little bit crazy.

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