Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Updates 9/12/12

Hello everyone.

I have to make this super-short today. My consultation with the surgeon is in a few hours, but I need to shower and take care of some necessary paperwork at school before I go. Wish me luck, everyone... I'm probably going to need it.

-- [Charles] In continuance of talking about 9/11, this video is a piece titled "Finding the Sacred in Ground Zero 9/11." I've watched quite a bit of it, and it is very interesting. It talks about how people want to share their vulnerability and compassion, and how visiting the site affects people. 

-- [Charles] Universities everywhere have graduate students, but often these students, who are also employees, are not given the same rights as regular employees. (I can attest to this. I am employed by the university as a researchers assistant, paid monthly, and pay taxes, but I am not awarded employee health insurance or anything similar. In those cases, I am considered simply a student.) Now, the NLRB (National Labor Relations Board) is working on a review on their 2004 ruling of Brown University v. NLRB, and conservative House Republicans are getting in on the action by holding a committee meeting about it.

-- [Charles] It's not just universities that we are dealing with though. Increased privatization of our school systems is becoming a real issue. This article by Al-Jazeera asks the question, "Should US schools be run like businesses?"

-- Twitter may be facing contempt of court if it does not hand over tweets by an Occupier by this Friday. Twitter is continuing to attempt to fight the ruling, but may face hefty fines based on quarterly earning statements if they do not comply in time.

-- An Occupier in Oakland has been sentenced for vandalism crimes that he denies he has committed. He will be serving six months in jail after he allegedly smashed six windows and a door with a folding chair. A police officer testified to having seen the man commit the acts.


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