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Updates 9/7/12

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I hate when you feel like you are catching up, and more work is tossed on the pile. It seems like it is never-ending... Which is probably accurate.


-- [Charles] The United States has been in quiet battles in Pakistan for a very long time, but we don't hear about it. Why is that? This video is a short documentary by WeAreChange, and it dives into the  controversy surrounding Pakistan and its place at the center of the Grand Chessboard.

-- [Charles] As Monsanto spends millions of dollars in an attempt to prevent having to label their foods, a new problem is emerging within the crops they produce. The worms that usually feed on the corn are becoming resistant to herbicides, resulting in a sort of super worm. Also, Monsanto will be selling their corn as fresh corn for the first time, rather than as a processed food ingredient.

-- In Chicago, a protest took place in which several Occupiers burned their voter registration cards, saying they are tired of voting for "the lesser of two evils" because there are no options that address even the most basic needs. Other Occupiers staged a counter-protest, saying that voting is important for many reasons, and a voter registration booth was set up to encourage people to sign up.

-- The city of Oakland has given another twenty thousand dollars to the firm investigating the Oakland Police Department. They say the deadline is quickly approaching, and significantly more work is needed to be done. This raises the amount the firm will be getting to $120,000.

-- [Charles] In Los Angeles, a federal court has ruled that the city cannot confiscate property from homeless people and destroy it. According to the Fourth Amendment, the city must notify the owner of the property and tell them where they can collect their belongings, and that property can only be confiscated if it constitutes an immediate threat to public safety or health, or in a criminal investigation. (Also, one of the images is tagged "Enabling Homelessness on LA's Skid Row." What the hell is that about? Enabling homelessness? So if we take their only belongings, they have no choice but to become not homeless? How does that even work? Short answer: It doesn't, and that's just stupid.)

-- As Occupy continues to grow, young people have become the face of the movement. But those in their twenties aren't the only ones fighting. Some older people, previously involved with protests throughout the decades, feel as though they are being left out. Others feel they are mentors for the young activists. This article details the age differences found in Occupy, and how it affects us all.

-- This is a great article by Truth-Out, asking "When Did Dissent Become a Crime?" Journalists have traveled across the country to find out what is going on with Occupiers and police, and in this case, they have lots to say. Laws have been changed and added for these huge conventions, with some becoming permanent after the fact. (Also, with all you read here, it's difficult to see why so many Corporate Media outlets keep asking why there are no protesters. We know they are there. They're simply being ignored.)


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