Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Updates 9/4/12 -- Share this, let's save a home!

Hello everyone. 

What interesting times we live in. I find myself conflicted with the idea of voting in the next election, considering how much I know about how little it matters. At the same time, figuring out who to vote for is a trial as well, considering I don't like either political candidate. Not to mention that voting as a college student is much more difficult than it should be. Last year, when trying to vote, they sent my wife and I on a wild goose chase to three different voting centers, finally deciding that even though we had both registered and had our registration cards and ID on us, we needed to fill out absentee ballots and take them to the courthouse. The courthouse is in the next town over, and we drove the distance and turned in the ballots. They told us that they weren't sure if they would count since we weren't on any of the lists. So much for registering to vote.. I don't know. I have an inner turmoil with voting as well, because I can see what could happen should either candidate win. 

Let's get to the news.

-- [Charles] A brilliant piece of protest art is accompanied by a song in this video declaring that if you "Give a Wall St. Banker enough rope, and he will hang himself." My attention was thoroughly held watching this, even though I'm not sure why.

-- [Charles] Remember Vermin Supreme? Of course you do, we talk about him from time to time. Here's a piece by CNN about the man behind the boot, and what he really does in politics.

-- [Charles] Before we move on to talking about the DNC, let's look back at the RNC one more time. In the strangest speech of the evening, Clint Eastwood chatted with a chair about the problems in our country. It was a bit strange and a bit hilarious. Adding even more hilariousness to the event, Stephen Colbert managed to get an interview.. with Eastwood's chair. (Also, you can Google "Eastwooding" to see other people having discussions with chairs.)

-- [Charles] There is an open thread this morning on OccupyAmerica, and while you need to sign up for the website to join in, you can watch the video connected to it without signing up. The video is priceless, calling Romney out on the multiple times he has flip-flopped on too many issues to count.

-- [Charles] In North Carolina, thousands of protesters braved extreme heat to march before the DNC and expose the banks and other gouging industries along the way. Those marching stopped in front of different corporations to listen to those who have been directly affected by the businesses tactics share their stories.

-- A group the media is calling "an offshoot of Occupy Oakland" caused damages yesterday after becoming upset that the city's Pride Festival was charging an entrance fee. Police said the group tagged buildings and smashed windows, with a police car also getting spray-painted with an anarchy symbol. No arrests were made.

-- Occupy Monsanto is gaining support for Proposition 37 in California, as they fight back against the Corporate Giant to get labels on food, stop the use of pesticides that harm people, and prevent the privatization of the water supply, as the company has done in countries like India and Mexico. Other groups are joining Occupiers in the fight. To find out more, follow the link.

-- Occupy Kalamazoo is setting up an encampment in protest of the cities recent actions, in which a homeless camp was cleared out to make room for a business. The group will also be putting together workshops on fracking and other topics.

This last one is extremely important. This is just in from Charles. If you are in Charlotte for the DNC, this is especially relevant. We need to get the word out about this, and fast. 

-- [Charles] This young woman is named Jessica Sanchez. She was born with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. She and her family are about to lose the home they have lived in for twelve years, which has been modified for Jessica's wheelchair. They are asking for help and donations, as the bank says they must pay $20,000 or they will lose the home. 

Come on Occupiers. Let's save their home. Please SHARE THIS far and wide!!!!


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