Monday, September 3, 2012

Updates 9/3/12

Hello everyone.

I have plenty of reading to catch up on today, even though today is a holiday. A holiday brought to us by wonderful little groups called unions, who also provided us with restrictions on child labor, forty hour workweeks, weekends, and safety overhauls in the workplaces, among other things. :)

Let's get to it. 

-- [Charles] This is odd and interesting. A town in Alabama decided to re-elect their mayor, and did so, despite the fact that she had passed away weeks earlier.

Since the DNC is kicking off, we have a few articles for you concerning it and the people attending and protesting.

    -- [Charles] Yesterday, the Coalition to March on Wall Street South led the way as protesters performed a historic march through Charlotte, with people joining in along the way. One arrest was made, but it was allegedly for public intoxication of one of the people who joined in, according to several outlets.

    -- Here's another account of the march, describing it as "lively, but largely uneventful."

    -- Some Occupiers have found themselves in unique situations at the DNC. These two young men are also delegates, and find themselves torn on what to do.

Let's move out of the DNC.

-- A week after their "expiration date," Occupiers in Hong Kong are still staying put. It is unknown when the bailiff will sign the eviction forms, but Occupiers have signs reading "Here to Stay," and are not giving up.

-- Tired of poor funding, lack of equipment, and unfair labor practices, the Chicago Teachers Union has unanimously reached an agreement to begin a strike on September 10th. Rumors are circulating that the mayor may fire the man in charge of negotiating contracts as soon as an agreement to settle the strike, but the negotiator says that is simply untrue.

-- In this scathing review of Breitbart's "Occupy Unmasked," this blogger for the Phoenix calls him and Citizen's United out for making a "documentary" more loosely based in reality than Space Jam. The author rightly calls the film superficial propaganda, and suggests that anyone who knows anything accurate about Occupy will be aggravated, while conservatives who already fear the group will become terrified. (This author is truly fun to read. There is no holding back.)

-- [Mrs. Kitty] This comic is known for its satirical and often hilarious storylines, but today they have something special. Mrs. Kitty asks that you all take the time to read Questionable Content's Labor Day comic. It's too accurate for words.

-- Here is an opinion piece from the HuffPost titled "Dear OWS: Y R U MIA?" While it sounds like someone doesn't know what they are talking about, this author is right on target. He asks Occupy to regain strength and momentum, to get out and force political candidates to address concerns, and gives an elaborate list of steps Occupy could take this fall. Go read this, and spread the message!


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