Sunday, September 23, 2012

Updates 9/23/12

Hello everyone.

We have a bunch of good links today, and I feel horrible. So we're making things short and sweet (kinda).

-- [Chuck] In an amazing course of events, the protesting students in Quebec have a lot to celebrate, as their demands become reality.

-- [Chuck] How has Occupy affected our world? In this interview, a journalist and an organizer sit down together to discuss.

-- [Chuck] When this woman got arrested at a protest, her relative said they'd never protest again. Read here to see why she said she'll be back. (This is a great story.)

-- [Chuck] The Social Good Summit is a unification of the greatest minds in innovation and technology, and this year they want your help.

-- Over 500 activists from multiple groups stormed in to San Diego to protest Wal-Mart, both for its "Everyday Low Wages," and its building on a historic spot.

-- Occupy Unmasked is already the top Documentary on Amazon, an amazing feat considering it hasn't been released yet. Even more amazing, considering that, is the many glowing reviews of the film by people who have pre-ordered, but yet to receive, the DVD. (Hmm...)

-- Lastly today, are you one of those people who forgets to vote? What about those individuals who DO vote, but find out that they are supposed to vote on an issue they aren't aware of? Enter TurboVote, a brand new website that will not only help you register, but also offers reminders to let you know what to expect on the ballot. Get informed!


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