Saturday, December 1, 2012

Updates 12/1/12

Hello everyone!

It's Christmas! No, no, not really, but it seems that way from the amount of people already pretending it is. I mean, come on. 

-- Occupy Unmasked is available to stream for free on Netflix! If you have Netflix (like I do, can't watch Doctor Who where I am without it), check out the film and come tell us what you think about it. 

-- [Chuck] What happens to the West when climate changes permanently? Will the people be able to handle it? 

-- [Chuck] Sea levels are rising faster than anyone thought they would, and this may have a huge effect on all of us. 

-- [Chuck] The Bradley Manning trial is not just a trial for the whistleblower, but also for the military itself. 

-- [Chuck] Charlie Chaplin has been autotuned, and the results are fun and inspiring.

-- Bloomberg has praised Occupy Sandy for their relief efforts, declaring that "You guys are great!"

-- [Chuck] Speaking of Occupy Sandy, a secret Santa has been handing out $100 bills to victims of the hurricane.


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