Monday, November 7, 2011

Good morning everyone.

Here is your news for the day:

-- Occupy Honolulu had 8 protesters arrested Saturday night when they attempted to occupy a park. Around 60 occupiers were there, but the ones who were arrested were sitting on the grass, while the rest stood on the sidewalk. The protesters that were arrested say they police searched them several times.

-- Occupy Eugene has settled into Washington Jefferson Park.

-- Occupy Victoria has been given until noon today to vacate the plaza they have occupied for over three weeks.

-- Occupy Indianapolis marched on Saturday, chanting at big banks and working on moving money for Bank Transfer Day.

-- After multiple times of being raided and getting arrested, Occupy Richmond is considering a move to a new location.

-- Anonymous may be getting Iowa a little angry. The group has released a video asking people to help them "Occupy the campaign offices... in Des Moines, Iowa" before the elections, and possibly shut down the Iowa caucus. Occupy Des Moines has had to clear the air by saying they are not the ones who released the video.

-- Chase and Wells Fargo Banks in Portland were vandalized on Saturday night, leading to an email to the Portland Police. The email is from a new fringe group, calling themselves "The Real Occupy Portland" in which they take responsibility for the acts. The email says this group formed 5 days ago. Another group of the same name has denounced the violence in a separate email, stating they had no knowledge of these events, or of the other group.

-- A march in Asheville on November 2nd is causing heaps of trouble for protesters now. At the march, police brought in photographers, undercover police, and forensics teams to capture images of the protesters, and now they are finding themselves being arrested all over the city for various charges.

-- Occupy Philly has had a happy moment! Two protesters who met about a month ago working the information booth got married on Sunday in the middle of the Occupy camp. They were married by a fellow Occupier and Baptist minister, and mic check was used to carry the vows to everyone present. Cheers to them!

-- 5 more protesters were arrested at Occupy Atlanta on Sunday for refusing to leave the park after closing hours.

-- Around 20 Occupiers have been arrested in Fresno in the past two days. Police were dressed in riot gear, but stated that all arrests were peaceful. The city is claiming there have been multiple complaints about odors and using flower beds as restrooms. Police are saying a memorial in the park was vandalized.

-- Occupy Delaware has been given until 9pm today to vacate the park they are in. The city claims they have no permit, and that city code does not allow for tents or other structures to be used. The city has said they will take action against anyone who remains after the time frame has expired.

-- Occupy Jacksonville (Jax) protesters have said they will sleep on the steps on City Hall until they see a change in how things work in the city and the government. Police are saying the protesters are well within their rights to do so.

-- Occupy Las Vegas has website issues. Their site was hacked Sunday, and redirected all viewers to a website filled with anti-Jewish hate propaganda. While the website is down, they are asking that people contact them through their Facebook page.

-- Occupy London is receiving negative press now that St. Paul's Cathedral may be in danger of closing down. Stay strong, London!

-- Occupy Chicago may be having privacy issues. Police have installed what protesters are calling "ominous looking" equipment near their headquarters, and Occupiers have noted that cell phone reception has been spotty since it was put up. People have noted that the equipment looks like the machines police use to identify cell phones. Wiretapping without a warrant is still illegal, guys.

-- Australian police are cracking down on every Occupy movement there. Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne are all dealing with police intimidation and arrests. They are not giving warnings.

-- More and more literature (if you can call it that) that I am finding as I search is calling the Occupy movement racist. Yuck.

That's all I have for today, folks.


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I had considered "monetizing" the blog in an attempt to raise a little money for my trip to Occupy Chicago this weekend.. but then I realized that the advertisements would probably all be for corporations. I think not. :) Have a great day, everyone!

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