Saturday, November 12, 2011

Updates 11/12/11

Good morning everyone!

I'm a little later than usual with this, and I apologize. I allowed myself to sleep in for a bit for the extra rest.

Here's your news for today:

-- SIU-Carbondale's sister school has hit the news! SIU-Edwardsville has had a few rallies and teach-ins, and they say their numbers are growing. "Occupy the E!"

-- A missing freshman from University of South Dakota student was found at in midtown NYC, says his family. They were circulating fliers at Zucotti Park when they were contacted. He was believed to have gotten lost.

-- Michele Bachmann released a statement concerning the interruption of her speech, in which she calls protesters "disrespectful", and says they don't understand "the heavy price that was paid for that First Amendment right". (I don't think I can comment on that with a straight face.)

-- Occupy Youngstown had several items confiscated yesterday, including a tent, burn barrel, and sleeping bags, among other things. They are meeting today to decide if they will replace these items.

-- Occupy Riverside marched on the county Jail and Police Headquarters yesterday, to protest the excessive force used in the raid on their encampment last weekend.

-- Occupy Oakland is refusing to leave, despite orders from the city to cease all violations and do so. Over 100 military veterans gathered there yesterday to peacefully protest the violence used by police against veterans. A city councilwoman states that the original occupiers are no longer at the encampment, and all that is left are homeless, gang members, and anarchists.

-- Fox News is reporting that police believe Occupy Portland is up in arms... literally. They believe Occupiers are building shields and weapons, and that "as many as 150 anarchists may come to Portland to take part in a possible clash with officers."

-- Occupy Philly has voted to stay at City Hall, despite the city demanding they move to a plaza across the street. The city is citing a long-term plan for a 50 million dollar renovation of the City Hall area.

-- Please be careful with your pets. The San Francisco SPCA has confirmed cases of Parvo and Kennel Cough at the Occupy SF location. If you are in the Occupy SF area, the SPCA is teaming up with local veterinarians to offer free vaccinations for Occupiers' pets on Monday, November 14th, from 1-4pm. To find any other information on this, call (415)912-1742. Thank you to both the SF SPCA, and SF Animal Care and Control!

-- Occupy Fresno was invited by the Veteran's Day parade to march with them, but when they arrived, police initially blocked their entrance. After a little time, they were allowed to participate.

-- Scotland Yard has arrested 179 members of the English Defense League, an ultra-conservative group in the UK. They had sent threats of violence and arson to Occupy London. They were arrested when they began to mass near St. Paul's, near the Occupy encampment. The EDL is denying that any violence was imminent, but Scotland Yard had intelligence which claimed an Armistice Day attack was immediate. Occupy London is thanking police for keeping the peace.

-- Occupy Las Vegas has splintered into two separate groups, after some Occupiers were ejected from the original for various reasons, including stealing gas, suggesting protesters arm themselves, and demanding that Occupy align itself with "Truthers."

-- Occupy Nova Scotia has had a few arrests. The protesters were arrested when they refused to leave the park after eviction notices were sent out. They are meeting to decide what to do next.

-- Occupy Salt Lake has experienced a loss. A man in his 40's was found dead in a tent Friday, and police believe there was no foul play. Police say he likely died from drugs and carbon monoxide poisoning, as a propane heater was found in his closed tent. Occupiers are devastated, and now police are telling them they can no longer stay overnight.

-- Occupy St. Louis was raided last night. Keiner Plaza (known as Freedom Plaza to Occupiers) was cleared last night and 27 were arrested. A judge has initially declined to allow protesters to remain in the park, but did schedule another hearing on Tuesday for protesters to air their own side. Police actually tagged each tent and item, to allow for the arrested protesters to pick them up upon their release. No violence occurred, although one man had a seizure. He was immediately taken to an ambulance, and is fine. (Let's hear it for the St. Louis Police force, and doing their job the right way!)

-- Occupy Carbondale is on the move for winterization, as many other movements plan for the upcoming cold.

That's all I have for today! I hope everyone has a great day.


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  1. Thank you so much for this blog, it's a great help. One more item, a civil injunction has been filed against Occupy Santa Cruz (#occupysc)... not sure if this was on your updates.

    Thanks again!