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Updates 11/27/11

Good morning everyone.

I live in the weirdest area for weather. It was 60 degrees yesterday (F), but today we have a chance of snow. Once again, the mainstream media is lagging behind again, yipping on about Black Friday. Many of the "current" news articles are the same as yesterday and the day before, but slightly altered. My news is somewhat short today because of this.

News from an email-

"Rally to Support Occupy Augusta, Sunday, Nov. 27, Noon, Capitol Park, Augusta

The Capitol Police have told Occupy Augusta--either get a permit with a very limited number of daytime only structures or the encampment will be closed on Monday, Nov. 28.

Other actions may be planned on Sunday in addition to the Rally. Please come to support those as well.

A temporary restraining order will be filed by lawyers on Occupy Augusta's behalf on Monday."

Thank you Joel!

Here's your news for today:

-- Occupy Austin was told by State Troopers that they had to leave the Capitol building, because without a permit, they cannot be on the property for more than 3 hours in a 24 hour period. Obviously disturbed, the protesters left without incident.

-- In Seattle, a bank was vandalized and defaced with the words "Revenge for Occupy Oakland" spray-painted on the wall. Almost every window was shattered, causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage. Police are asking for help to catch the person responsible.

-- Occupy SF marched yesterday for immigrant rights. While traffic was slightly disrupted, the march continued peacefully to the Mission District, where speeches and rallies followed.

The biggest stories in mainstream media today are the impending evictions of Occupy Philly and Occupy LA.

-- Occupy Los Angeles has been given until 12:01 a.m. Monday to vacate City Hall property. Many protesters say they will peacefully demonstrate past that time. Neither the mayor nor police will give any hint at the tactics they plan to use to evict the Occupiers, but the mayor has said that he trusts "that we can manage the closure of City Hall Park in the same spirit of cooperation." One protester's response to the mayor's speech was, "What I got from it is 'I value grass more than people.'" Occupy LA has at least two large demonstrations planned for Monday morning.

-- Occupy Philly's deadline is a bit closer. They mayor has given them until 5 p.m. today to dismantle their camp and move from the premises of the City Hall Plaza. Yesterday, no one was packing, as they discussed strategies and plans for what to do about the deadline, and what to do in the future. Initially, the mayor had visited the encampment, saying that he wanted to work with the movement.

There are a few interesting articles to share with you.

The first is a claim from the Washington Post, talking about the police and Occupy, and why police don;t want to be involved.

The second is a story by HuffPost, discussing the costs of Occupy movements, and the fact that cities have previously been cutting social services for the homeless.

That's all I have for today. Let's just call this "News Light." :)

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