Saturday, November 5, 2011

Updates 11/5/2011

Remember, remember,
the Fifth of November,
the gunpowder treason and plot.
I know of no reason
why the gunpowder treason
should ever be forgot.

*Guy Fawke's Day!*

Good morning everyone.

It seems Anonymous is up to something today. I will not be posting any links to their information, for my own safety. If you are interested in what they are doing, you can look it up. :)

On to the news:

-- Today is Bank Transfer Day!

-- Occupy Eugene has moved to Washington-Jefferson Park.

-- The ACLU has taken on representation of a Press member who was arrested during a Richmond raid. The police had told him to remain in a place that restricted his view. He stepped into a crosswalk to ask why he had to remain in the designated space, and was arrested while standing on a public street.

-- Occupy Tampa is considering a move to a privately owned park.

-- A second veteran of the Armed Forces was placed in Intensive Care due to Oakland Police. Unlike Scott Olsen, who was able to be carried away by protesters, Kayvan Sabeghi was arrested by the police, and says he was beaten by them so badly he had a lacerated spleen. According to mixed reports, he was refused medical care for up to 15 hours, while he vomited blood. After his release, he was able to finally go to the hospital to get treatment. He is now awake and lucid.

-- Several protesters at different Occupy movements have been hit by cars in the last few days. Earlier this week, a couple was hit in Oakland. Last night in D.C., a car pulled out of a D.C. Convention center and ran over two Occupiers who were marching, kept going, and hit a third person farther down the road. There are conflicting reports about the driver of the vehicle, as videos seem to show them being released, but police say they are in custody.

-- Occupy Philly protested Mitt Romney's visit to Philadelphia yesterday.

-- Credit Unions across the country are feeling the love as many individuals, both Occupiers and others, are moving their bank accounts.

-- Occupy Atlanta has filed a lawsuit against the city, but a federal court judge has ruled against them, stating that while he believes in civil disobedience, he does not believe in it after 11 pm in a city park. This ruling comes after news that the movement has gained support of the organization started by Martin Luther King Jr.

-- Occupy Seattle has some welcome visitors, as teachers from local community colleges are moving some of their classes to the movement!

-- Occupy Sydney had a run-in with police that led to several protesters being arrested. Police moved in to take down a tent, and arrested several individuals for charges including "using offensive language". Occupy Sydney has vowed to stay where they are.

-- Occupy Hartford is protesting at Bank of America today, while Occupy Las Vegas protests Wells Fargo.

-- Occupy London is working on setting up a city welfare program.

-- A woman who worked as a temp at a US Bank branch has been fired for talking with protesters on her Facebook page. She was shown images of her posts, and told she violated the bank's policy about not engaging protesters for "safety reasons."

**That's all for now, everyone. Please email me with any information you may want to share, or comments and corrections, at Please include the word "Occupy" in the subject line.

It is especially difficult to find information on international Occupy movements, so please write in with these if you can!


UPDATE: According to MSNBC, the driver of the vehicle who hit 3 people in D.C will NOT BE CHARGED. Police say the driver had a green light, despite eye-witness accounts of the car gassing it into the people. Police are saying one protester jumped onto the hood of the car. You can read the report here:


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