Friday, November 4, 2011

Updates 11/4/2011

My most sincere apologies for not posting in a timely manner today. I had quite a fiasco going on this morning, and this afternoon I stopped to picket with my professors. SIUC Faculty Association is on strike, and needs your support!

"While you should always know what is important to you, you should always remember what may be more important to someone else."

Here are today's updates.

I received an email last night. Here is an update from them:
"I would like to report that in Montreal we are police-free, and they have been very polite, discreet, and standoffish. A real contrast to what is happening all over the world.
The few problems are external in origin and were dealt with quickly with overwhelming non-violent tactics. The mood of the 300 campers is work-oriented(getting ready for winter), buoyant and focused- the people of Montreal have been overwhelmingly supportive. The chief of police even told us that half of his men were on our side. Which was a somewhat surreal moment...but worth remembering."

The same person later emailed me again. "I just got my Identity hijacked for the last 5 hours on OccupyMontreal's chat. Always a pleasure to know my country thinks it worthwhile to spy on some one who works as a fulltime janitor.
Ill send you more updates about what is happening in Quebec city(our province's capital). Looks bad for tonight."

I haven't heard anything else back, but my hopes are with them. Apparently they had an inspection for fire safety from officials.


-- The University of Oregon says Occupy Eugene demonstrators have agreed to move off university property by Saturday night. They will be relocating.

-- Occupy Denver is reportedly moving their camps next weekend out of respect for Veteran's Day.

-- Occupy Chicago protesters interrupted a speech by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker before being escorted out. Other Occupiers were outside chanting and protesting by the doors.

-- In Occupy Oakland, violence cropped up overnight. Protesters denounced the agitators. Also in Oakland, 40 parents and their children showed up at a Wells Fargo bank branch to close their accounts. Only a few made it in before the bank closed up its doors.

-- Occupy Atlanta is planning to return to Woodruff Park this weekend. Rev. Jesse Jackson addressed the crowd there earlier, giving his support.

-- Three Occupiers were arresting in Omaha, as they refused to leave. They were cooperative with police.

-- Occupy Rochester is dealing with nightly arrests, with 16 last night. The Mayor says there are no sanitation facilities, and the park is not meant to be used for sleeping.

-- Occupy Wall Street protesters are taking a strong stand in court. They were offered a deal to have disorderly conduct charges dropped if they would stay out of trouble for 6 months. At least 50 Occupiers turned down the deal, saying they want to go to trial since they were unjustly arrested.

-- The Chief of Police in Portland has had some interesting comments lately. He has reportedly told his officers that they must have riot gear ready at all times, and must be reasonably ready to deploy it.

-- Occupy Dallas is rejecting claims that they are moving locations.

-- At least 4 unions have joined with Occupy D.C. for a demonstration.

-- ListenLogic is saying that the threat for violence in the Occupy movement is high due to November 5th. They are saying there have been calls for violence and threats. Let's prove them wrong, everyone!


That's all I have time for today. You can add anything you want to the comments, or email me at with the word "Occupy" in the subject.


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