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Updates 11/13/11

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Today in my town, we need to batten down the hatches. We've got wind gusts up to 55 mph, and power outages sporadically occurring as a result. Crazy, huh?

Here's your news for today.

-- Occupy news is getting more difficult to find. Less news stations are providing coverage. A Chinese newspaper actually pointed out that there were 282 stories yesterday, down from 631 last week. -China is apparently deathly afraid of the movement, and is hoping to convince its people they should be happier in China without the income inequality issues America has.

-- About 2 dozen protesters were arrested in Portland last night. News stories say that at one point, there were several thousand people marching with Occupy Portland. 200 police blocked off the courthouse. 60 bicycle riders were constantly circling the park in support. (The press is getting worse... the story I read for this is the EXACT same on at least 5 different websites... oy.) The police seized concrete blocks they believed were to be used as weapons.

-- A woman was raped at Occupy Philly, but her attacker was immediately arrested. Occupiers called the police as soon as the woman said what happened. Apparently the man traveled from out of state, and has a record of armed robberies.

-- 19 Occupiers were arrested in Salt Lake City last night, after the death of a homeless man at the camp. One of the city councilmen, Soren Simonsen is understanding of the mayor's concerns, but unhappy to see the park cleared. He wants to work with the city to allow protesters to assemble peacefully.

-- Occupy Albany has more than 2 dozen arrests last night. They were breaking curfew in the state-owned park they occupied, said police. These are the first arrests for Albany.

-- Occupy Seattle is working with hotel employees to bring them a fair contract. Westin Seattle is looking to cut employees and increase workloads to save money.

-- A 28 year old man at Occupy San Diego was placed in a choke hold until his face turned blue, after he asked officers why he should stand up. He was in a sleeping bag at first, and when police told him to get out of it, he sat on the bag. They then told him to stand, and he asked why. Occupiers say he was then dragged to a standing position, and he repeatedly stated he wasn't doing anything wrong. They told him to put his hands behind his back, and then tossed him to the ground and placed him in a choke hold. You can read the story and watch the video here:

-- Occupy Nova Scotia is revealing massive corruption in their province, and they believe this is why they are being targeted by police.

-- Occupy St. Louis vows to return to Keiner Plaza. They found information that shows the possible reason for their eviction Friday night. Apparently, a major corporation, Chevrolet, wanted to use the plaza for a scavenger hunt.

-- Harvard custodial workers have ok'ed a strike if their contract isn't confirmed by Tuesday. Occupy Harvard states that as one of the most prestigious and respected Universities in the country, they should be doing more for their blue-collar workers.

-- 17 people were arrested at Occupy Denver last night when they cleared the park. According to major news outlets, no tear gas or other methods were used. (Editor's note: This is a LIE. I watched Denver on livestream last night, and personally SAW them throw a tear gas canister! Seriously, is this bad reporting, or straight up lying?)

-- The deadline for Occupy Dallas is approaching, but Occupiers are confident. Even if they don't get an extension, they say they aren't leaving.

-- Only one person was arrested in Fresno last night, which is a huge difference than normal. Occupiers attributed the lack of arrests to the rain, which kept some protesters from assembling.

-- Occupy Boston had some welcome visitors. A large team of doctors, nurses, social workers, and med students popped into the camp to give complete checkups and vaccines. The medical professionals then joined the protesters in a march to the State House, where they demanded better access to health care.

Great News!!!

-- Scott Olsen, the veteran who was injured at Occupy Oakland, is out of the hospital! He is still struggling with speech, but is attempting conversations.

That's all I have for today, everyone.


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