Monday, November 28, 2011

Updates 11/28/11

Good morning everyone.

I am currently watching the Occupy LA livestream on It offers a bunch of different streams in one place, and you can hop from city to city with one click. Also, please forgive any spelling or grammar mistakes I may make today, as I am getting sicker as the weather gets colder. I need to move somewhere warm.

Here is your news for today:

-- Occupy Augusta had nine arrests yesterday. There is certainly some interesting info included in their press release. Thank you to Joel for this information. You can read their press release here:

-- Occupy Los Angeles seems to have survived their eviction, at least for now. The most recent news stories say that at least 3-4 protesters have been arrested, mostly for throwing things at police. As the sun rises, police are backing down. Occupiers are singing, and a police commander, in good spirits, gave a press release saying that the protests have been largely peaceful, aside from those arrested. When he took off his helmet, people cheered. He also said that the eviction was decided by the mayor and politicians. (I mention this because he did not sound too happy about this.) He then asked the protesters where a good place to get breakfast together was.

-- Occupy Philly also remains at their site, with no arrests made. The protesters remain calm as they await any action, but so far, it has been quiet.

-- Occupy UC Davis will be busy today, with at least 4 protests planned. Protesters around the state are expected to stand with them.

-- Occupy Oakland is planning on retaking the plaza, using a vigil as the medium. Tuesday, they are starting a 24/7 peaceful vigil, thereby asserting their Constitutional rights.

-- Occupy Portland (Maine) voted to seek a permit to remain in the park they have been occupying for the past month. Another discussion will occur today on the matter, with the permit filing expected to happen on Tuesday.

-- Occupy Seattle, as well as several other Occupy movements throughout Seattle, are heading to the capitol city to protest tax cuts and other budget issues. Several unions are said to be accompanying the groups. Occupy Seattle has several buses heading that way.

-- Occupy Boston will be back in court Tuesday, to give more arguments for their injunction. Currently, they have a temporary restraining order against removal. If the injunction is granted, the restraining order will remain in effect until the court date.

My apologies for the news getting 'lighter.' Illness and stress are taking over, and I have around 20 full days left in school, not to mention grad school applications. I will continue to provide the most important news I can find. Wish me luck, lovelies. I need it.


If you have any questions, comments, corrections, or other news, please contact me at You don't know how much I appreciate it.

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